Attention Future Leaders

Curtis Wright

Beyond Sports: Girls Leadership Academy of Service and Sports (GLASS) has given Coach Sierra the opportunity to nominate any girls interested in the program!

The program takes place in Playa Flamingo, Costa Rica. Any girls interested must be in the graduating classes of 2022-2026.


GLASS balances a dynamic curriculum of leadership development, sports performance training, service-learning, global engagement, and adventure. Students return home to the U.S. feeling inspired to set ambitious goals and are equipped with the tools to achieve them! The program is designed by female athletes for female athletes, and structures each day around a daily theme. They take the students through six self-reflective workshops that help the athletes become better leaders. They incorporate sports through sports-performance training. Led by GLASS Mentors, each workout is designed to meet each athlete where they are at. Optional sport-specific training is available to all students while at GLASS. They perform service activities that expose students to a variety of needs in the Playa Flamingo community – hosting youth sports clinics, working at a nearby animal shelter, and leading beach cleanups. Global engagement is incorporated through adventurous excursions and interactions with the local community. Some of these activities include zip lining, snorkeling, surfing, hosting local sports clinics, and eating authentic cuisine. If you have any questions or wish to learn more about the program you can visit the website at or email Sierra at [email protected]


Any new student who is nominated for GLASS via a program alum (Sierra)  will receive automatic admission to the program, as well as a $100 Alumni Nominee discount. There are also opportunities to earn scholarships to help pay for the program. 


If interested please email Sierra the following:

Athlete and parent or guardians names


Phone Number

High School and Grad year

All sports you play or wish to train while in the program.

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