Come Swim and Dive with the Gators!

Pennridge Aquatic Club (PAC) provides competitive swimming and diving competition to the Pennridge community. Swimming and Diving are life lesson sports that enables all ages and abilities to compete. The Summer PAC Team participates in the BuxMont Swim league and practices and competes at Menlo Aquatic Center in Perkasie. The Winter PAC Team participates in the Suburban Aquatic League and practices and competes at the Pennridge High School pool in Perkasie. Our successful program has turned out numerous swimmers and divers that have achieved amazing accomplishments.

Meet the Coaches Minutes

Nikki Piotrowicz


Our organziation is run solely but the utilization of volunteer positions.  We cannot hold a meet unless parents assist and volunteer for the various jobs needed to run a meet.  Each family is asked to give the organization a check for $150  written out to Pennridge Aquatic Club which will NOT be deposited.  PAC does not want to deposit your checks ... we want you to volunteer.  If at the end of the Summer Season, all JOB requirements have been fulfilled, your check will be either returned to you or shredded.  This summer we are projecting that each family will need to fulfill 5 JOBS (the exact number will be communicated to you ASAP).  JOBS for each meet are on a first come, first signed up basis.  Under each TEAM EVENT (Meet) you will find a JOB Sign Up.  You have to ability to pick what JOBS you want to fulfill, first time families please don't stress out over this - there are plenty of seasoned families that will help you!

Practice Groups

The first 2 weeks of after school practices are by AGE (there will be a total of 2 per week per age group).  Please check the Practice Schedule or the Calendar for times.  This will give our Coaches an opportunity to get to know new swimmers and to evaluate age/ability level COLOR Groups that are appropriate for each swimmer.  You will be communicated with by one of the coaches by June 10th with the Color Group for your swimmer(s).


Please download the OnDeck App to your mobile phone.  It is a free app and it is necessary as that is how coaches and the board will communicate weather related cancelations/delays to you. Please go to your Team Unify Account  then click on My Account and Account information.  You will need to enter your phone carrier and number; you will then be sent a verification code.  When your phone number and email address are VERIFIED your information will say in GREEN VERIFIED (see attchaments).  If your number is NOT verified it will be RED and there is a chance you will not know when a practice needs to be canceled or delayed or if when your child is already at practice needs to be picked up early.  


Once we begin to have our Meets for each one you will have to DECLARE your swimmer/diver as to whether or not they will attend.  If you do NOT declare it will be assumed that your swimmer/diver will not be participating and therefore will NOT be put into the line up.  It takes our Coaches a lot of time to put together a line up and while we know life happens, please just do your best to declare your swimmer/diver.  If you decalre yes and something comes up, please notify a Coach ASAP so that the line-up can be adjusted.  An email with the steps to Declare will be sent out closer to the time of our first meet.  The ability to Declare can be done on your mobile phone through the OnDeck app as well as signing up for JOBS.

Swim Gear

Your swimmer will need for practices: a minimum of 2 pairs of goggles (a spare just in case), a cap if your swimmer has longer hair (both boys and girls can and do wear caps) (see Erin for $5 caps), for boys a pair of Speedos or Jammers and for girls a ONE piece competition suit.  If your female swimmer does not have a competition suit for the first practice just make sure that it is a one piece that does not have any frills.  For meets your child will need a black or green or combination of the colors and the GREEN PAC cap (if your child wears one).

Personal Best

This company will be at our first practice on Tuesday night.  If your swimmer is new to the sport and you are unsure of their size, but it is NOT your practice night, please feel free to come and see what is available.  They will have a variety of suits, goggles, caps, swim bags, etc.  If you have practice that night, please arrive EARLY if you need to try on a suit as you will NOT be able to try on a suit after your practice when your swimmer/diver is wet.  Team suits will be available for purchase, these suits are not mandatory, if you can find one at a lower price you are more than free to purchase from elsewhere as long as it is green or black for Meets.

I know this all seems overwhelming, but by the end of the summer all you new families will be pros.  Please don't hesitate to approach a Board Member or another family at practices or meets to ask questions, we were all new once ourselves.  PAC is a family and we work hard to help each other and support one another.