Come Swim and Dive with the Gators!

Pennridge Aquatic Club (PAC) provides competitive swimming and diving competition to the Pennridge community. Swimming and Diving are life lesson sports that enables all ages and abilities to compete. The Summer PAC Team participates in the BuxMont Swim league and practices and competes at Menlo Aquatic Center in Perkasie. The Winter PAC Team participates in the Suburban Aquatic League and practices and competes at the Pennridge High School pool in Perkasie. Our successful program has turned out numerous swimmers and divers that have achieved amazing accomplishments.

Swimming practice group assignments

After you register your swimmer for swimming, the coaching staff will assess the swimmers age, ability, Competition times from previous seasons (if applicable) and place them in an initial practice (Green, White, Black, Silver). 

The first 2 weeks of evening practice is where the coaches will get a better feel of what practice group the swimmer should be in for morning practice. Coaches will move swimmers if necessary.  

After the start of evening practice, the coaching staff will reach out if your swimmer needs to move assigned practice group. It is for the benefit of the entire team to make sure each athlete is in the correct group. Our practices are created to instruct and advance each athlete within the sport. The standards for each practice group is below. 


Swim Practice Group Criteria


Swim Group 1 - Silver (High School) 

This is for anyone who is currently in grades 9-12 or will be starting 9th grade this coming school year. Invitations may be sent to incoming 7th/8th graders who are ready for the challenge of harder practice expectations. Not as much time is spent on stroke correction, this will be more straight forward training.


Swim Group 2 - Black 

Advanced 10U, most 12U and any new 14U.
Working on stroke corrections and advancing the skills to be prepared for higher swimming levels in the future. Must have understanding of all 4 strokes. Practices will be a mix of speed work and stroke work.

Swim Group  3 - White

Returning 8-10U, new 12U. Spending lots of time on stroke correction, drills and learning to incorporate speed into training.



Swim Group 4 - Green   (Baby Gators)

Brand new swimmers ages 10 and under, returning younger swimmers still looking for the most technique work and learning to race.


Diving Practice Group Criteria

Diving Group 1 - Black   Experienced divers who are working towards advanced skills.




Diving Group 2 - White   Novice and less experienced divers who are working on the required/voluntary dives and single somersaults.




Diving Group 2 - Developmental    For entry level divers interested in competing in driving, but not yet at a level to successfully complete. Practice will be held Monday - Thursday for the developmental group, no Friday practice.