Come Swim and Dive with the Gators!

Pennridge Aquatic Club (PAC) provides competitive swimming and diving competition to the Pennridge community. Swimming and Diving are life lesson sports that enables all ages and abilities to compete. The Summer PAC Team participates in the BuxMont Swim league and practices and competes at Menlo Aquatic Center in Perkasie. The Winter PAC Team participates in the Suburban Aquatic League and practices and competes at the Pennridge High School pool in Perkasie. Our successful program has turned out numerous swimmers and divers that have achieved amazing accomplishments.

Volunteer Checks

Each family will be required to provide a check of $150 during the initial few weeks of practice. The volunteer checks are due by Time Trials 6/19. Please hand the check to a board member. The check will not be deposited, the board will hold onto the check and return when the family has met the volunteer requirements of 5-6 JOBS requirements for regular season. JOBS can be earned by volunteering at our Time Trial meet and dual meets. There will be numerous opportunities to fulfill the volunteer requirement and you get to choose how you want to volunteer. The goal of the PAC board is to return all checks at the end of the season. The team does not want to deposit one check, but rather have each family volunteer! We can not run a swim meet without our parent volunteers. It has been the great family support over the years that have made our team a standout both in the league and community.


Volunteer Requirements for the 2022 Season

Please review the the Volunteer Description document for guidance on what the different positions entail. If you are brand new to the summer swim league, the jobs of timer, runner , setup and clean up are good places to start.

Jobs are given points - most are 1 point, a few are .5 points - so please take a look at that. This year, based on the number of families and the number of man power needed, we need each family to sign up for 5-6 points. Jobs often go quickly so signing up soon is recommended.

Jobs are built into the individual Meets, each swim meet will have different required jobs depending on where we are competing. We also have SEASONAL positions. Seasonal positions fulfill all of your JOBS requirement. So if you have interest in being the team photographer, or you are amazing at fundraising, please look at what is available in Seasonal. 

****Please note that families whose children participate in champs also need to do a job during those events. More detail will be released with what will be required for Championships mid July.


How to sign up for a JOB and Declare Swimmer is attending the SWIM MEET

  1. log into our teams website OR launch the On Deck app from your mobile device
  2. Go to Events 
  3. Select SEASONAL or the SWIM MEET
  4. Select RSVP's  |  JOBS   
    1. If RSVP'ing your swimmer for a meet - locate athlete, check mark and select COMMIT or DECLINE at the bottom menu. its that simple. The athlete will now be declared or declined for the meet
    2. if selecting a JOB - select JOB, review the list, it will tell you what is available and what is filled. Select the job you would like and declare yourself