Come Swim and Dive with the Gators!

Pennridge Aquatic Club (PAC) provides competitive swimming and diving competition to the Pennridge community. Swimming and Diving are life lesson sports that enables all ages and abilities to compete. The Summer PAC Team participates in the BuxMont Swim league and practices and competes at Menlo Aquatic Center in Perkasie. The Winter PAC Team participates in the Suburban Aquatic League and practices and competes at the Pennridge High School pool in Perkasie. Our successful program has turned out numerous swimmers and divers that have achieved amazing accomplishments.

The Pennridge Aquatic Club is excited to offer 3 different practice levels to enthusiastic swimmers ages 5 to 18. We have three levels that meet the needs for all aspiring swimmers. All practice placement and movement are  made by the Pennridge Aquatic coaching staff. 

GreenA novice and inexperienced swimmer who needs stroke correction on the four strokes. Focus on fundamentals (stroke technique, starts, turns, and finishes). Ages range from 5 to 10 years of age. Instruction is given in intervals of ½ lap or full lap intervals.  The overall goal is to create swimmers who are knowledgeable on their strokes before training.

White – A swimmer with previous swim team experience and/or younger experienced swimmer who can swim all the strokes legally. Focus on improving fundamentals (Stoke technique, starts, turns, finishes). Short length sets with a lot of drilling. Focus on technique and mastering legal strokes for competition. Age range from 7-11 years of age.

Black – An experienced swimmer who is in 8th grade or lower who has the ability and mental maturity to train at high speeds and handle challenging yardage.  Selection for this group will require consistent effort, commitment, and require daily attendance. Teaching and technique are still provided but a quicker pace.  Age range from 10 to 14 years of age.

Silver - This group is for anyone who is currently in 9-12 OR will be entering 9th grade this coming school year.  Invitations may be sent to incoming 7th/8th graders who are ready for the challenge of harder practice expectations.  Not as much time is spent on stroke correction, this will be more straight forward training.

Diving – We welcome all enthusiastic divers in the community wanting to learn and improve their diving skills and be a part of the Gator program.





To view our practice schedule, please visit our team calendar on our website (click here).