These are our team suits for 2023 and 2024 (provided they are available next summer.) TYR Vitric Trinityfit One Piece or Diamondfit One Piece Swimsuit for the girls and TYR Vitric Jammer for the boys. Both are BLUE. You can purchase these from many different outlets inluding Amazon, Swim Outlet, and to name a few. The photos are linked to, but we are not affiliated with them, so this is just for reference. We do NOT purchase these as a team for purchase or distribution.

Please note for sizing: sizes 22 and 24 will be listed as "girl's" or "boy's" while all other sizes are listed as "women's" or "men's". Please read the sizing guidlines carefully if you are not familiar with this type of swimwear sizing. If you have any questions let us know.

There are no suit requirements for practices, but approved suits are required for regular and end-of-season ODSL meetsWhile the team suit is OPTIONAL, per ODSL guidelines any suit that is not USA swimming approved requires an exemption from ODSL prior to the meet. This includes any suit that comes below the knees and any rashguards. To assure that we are in compliance with these rules during meets we are strongly recommending families purchase ONE of the suit options listed above or below. If you would like your swimmer to wear another suit (even a racing suit in another brand/style) please contact our Parent Liaison (Charlotte Yeglic). We will submit any request for exemption to ODSL prior to the start of the season. We want all of our swimmers to have every opportunity to swim this summer, and to swim in a manner that makes them and their families feel comfortable, confident, and included. We will work with our families and ODSL to make sure there are no issues concerning swimwear at meet time. If you have any questions about these guidelines, please reach out to Charlotte or anyone else on the Board.

While the team suits are more expensive, they are high quality and will last for years if cared for properly. If you would like another approved option that is at a lower price point see below.  Sporti Solid Wide Strap One Piece or Sporti Solid Thin Strap One Piece for girls and Sporti Solid Compression Jammer for boys. These are available in BLACK or ROYAL (blue) and in two different materials. Both the team suits and the alternative suits are approved for meets.





MIni Swimmers are not affected by this rule as their meets are not official ODSL meets. You may purchase the team suits, but the choice is yours.





Sporti Essential Floating Swim Fins,  Finnis Floating Swim Fins, and Dolfin Swim Fins are a good suggestions for all swimmers to strengthen leg muscles, encourage ankle flexion, and practicing other aspects of all strokes with greater speed. Please note these are not snorkeling fins and are made of flexible rubber, not plastic.  Read reviews to be sure sizing is true to shoe size.  These photos are also linked to, but you may purchase from any outlet you choose.

Purchasing fins is not required, but are highly encouraged as they aid significanly in training and are used at almost every practice.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Charlotte Yeglic our Parent Liaison or anyone on the board for assistance.  We're happy to offer any clarification or guidance as needed.