Create Meet Reports

There are 6 reports to create for each meet.  4 reports prior to the meet starting, 2 after the meet is over.

Pre-Meet Reports

All of the pre-meet results are generated by selecting "Heat Sheets" menu item from the main TouchPad page.  The only difference from the pre-meet reports is what options are selected.  

If the official All Star cut times have been imported into the meet then you should display them in the reports.  If not don't display as that could be a source of confusion.

Sharpie Report

Sharpie queen documents along with heat sheets should be sent out to the home team the day before the meet.

Heat Sheets

After any deck entries have been made, revised Heat Sheets (Meet Programs) need to be printed for the meet officials.

Need to print at least 14 copies, this covers BOTH teams:

  • 4 - Stroke and Turn officials
  • 1 - Referee
  • 1 - Starter
  • 2 - PC Coaches
  • 2 - Opponent Coaches
  • 2 - PC Clerk of Course
  • 2 - Opponent Clerk of Course

Relay Names

Lane Sheets

Post-Meet Reports

Meet result reports are all created by selecting the "Meet Results" menu item from the main  TouchPad  page.  The only difference is what options are selected.