Meet Seeding

Once all of the meet entries are synced to TeamUnify it is time for the home team to seed the meet.  This takes all of athletes and puts them into events based on their selected strokes and seed times. 

  1. Open TouchPad and select the meet.
    • File -> Select An Existing Meet
  2. Confirm the basic meet settings by clicking "Ok"
  3. Sync the event to SwimOffice.
    • File -> Sync Now to SwimOffice
  4. Choose the following options:
    • Seeding Type: Dual Meet using Even-Odd Lanes TimedFinals ONLY
    • Identify team to be in ODD LANES: Home Team
    • Start Seeding/Unseeding With Event #: 1
    • Finish Seeding/Unseeding With Event #: 64
  5. Answer "No" to the preserve fastest heat question.
  6. Generate the Heat Sheets and review them looking for events that can be combined.
    • If two adjacent events that have less than 6 entries are candidates for combination.  They should have:
      • Same Age
      • Same Distance
      • Same Stroke
      • If an event can be combined align the swimmers in the events so that there is no overlap between the events so they can be combined on deck.  Example:
        • Event 1: Swimmers in Lanes 1-3
        • Event 2: Swimmers in Lanes 4-6
  7. Generate Heat Sheets again and do a review to make sure the changes made are good then save to the meet folder in dropbox.
  8. Generate Sharpie Report and save to the meet folder in shared cloud document folder.