Review Meet Entries

Before syncing the meet to touchpad or the other team, the meet entries need to be validate for potential mistakes.  Any issues should be reported to the coach or you should get in touch with the athlete’s parent(s) for correction.  If it is after the registration deadline the coach or computer operator need to make the correction.


Go to the “Committed Athletes” screen for the current meet.

  1. Check committed entries to make sure they are all accepted.
    1. Check to see that all athletes have selected strokes
    2. Check to make sure that selected strokes are either approved (with a check box) or rejected (with a stop sign).

  2. Check for uncommitted athletes in relays
    1. Execute the “Entry Report”

    2. Choose to sort by athlete name and make sure individuals & relays are selected for the event:

    3. Look for anyone signed up for a Relay and no other events as this likely means they did not commit to the meet yet were selected for a relay team.