How to Commit to Meets

Parents need to commit their athletes to meets so that they will be included in the meet events.

  1. Login to the team website and locate the event your swimmer will be attending or not able to attend under the "Event" tab at the top bar of the website or the events section near the bottom of the main page.

  2. Click the "Edit Commitment" button.

  3. Click on your swimmer's name near the bottom of the page.

    This page is also where you are able to view the maximum number of events allowed to swim in the meet.

  4. In the "Declaration" box select either: "Yes please sign [athlete] up for this event" if you plan to attend or "No, thanks, [athlete] will NOT attend this event" if you will not be able to make it.

  5. If you selected you will NOT attend, click the "Save Changes" button and you are done with this meet.

  6. If you selected you WILL attend, select the strokes your athlete will swim then click the "Save Changes" button and your athlete is committed to the event.

  7. If something changes allowing you to attend or preventing you from attending prior to the registration cutoff, come back and click the "Edit Commitment" button to change your selection.