Potomac Crossing Q & A’s


Q.  What is swim team?

Fun, develop strokes and competitive swimming skills, great exercise, builds confidence, great way to meet parents, and a great way for kids to make friends.


Q.  When are practices?

Practices are Monday through Friday. You do not have to go every day.  Swimmers are encouraged to go to at least 2 per week, but there is no minimum required.


Q.  How do we know if practice gets canceled?

There will be texts and emails sent out.  As long as you provide your cell phone # and/or email when you register the swimmers.


Q.  Did you know Fridays are ‘Fun Fridays’?

Half of the time is spent practicing and then the swimmers get to play games. Donuts are also provided


Q.  Does the team have employees?

Yes, our head coach and assistant coach.


Q.  When volunteering am I able to watch my child swim?

Yes, you can watch your child swim.  If you volunteer in concessions you will not be able to see from where the stand is. You may step away to watch you child during their race times.


Q.  What should swimmers take to meets?

Towels (at least 1 to sit on and 1 to use), goggles (always good to bring a spare), swim cap, extra clothes, snacks and water.


Q.  Are team suits required?

No, team suits are not required but recommended. To participate in ODSL regular and end-of-season meets, swimmers need to wear USA swimming approved swim wear. Visit our 2023 Team suits page for more information.


Q. What strokes do the swimmers use during swim meets?  

Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke, Butterfly and Individual Medley (are swam at meets in this order). Our coaches may also put your child in a relay with 3 other swimmers. This could happen at every meet.  


Q. Do parents or coaches register the swimmer?

You register your swimmers for individual events. The coaches may approve/disapprove. The coaches will register your child for the relays. If you miss a meet sign up deadline, send the head coach an email or text immediately. Your swimmer may be added if the meet hasn’t been synched with the other team. If it is your second offence your swimmer will not be added to the meet.


Q. What are relays?

Relays are fun events at the end of a meet where four swimmers take turns swimming different legs of a race.  Sometimes everyone swims freestyle (Free Relay) and sometimes each swimmers swims a different stroke (IM Relay).  These are created by the Coaches and swimmers are assigned according to their age.


Q. What does my child receive if he/she places in the event?

Swimmers that place 1st-6th in their event will receive ribbons. They will be distributed most likely the day after swim meets if its during the week or that following Monday if they take place on Saturdays. There is a ribbon box at practice to retrieve your ribbons.

Personal best ribbons are also given out to swimmers if they achieve their fastest time to date.


Q. Do we practice in the rain/cold?

This is left up to the coaches and lifeguards. If the pool is closed due to weather there is no practice.


Q. What if you sign up for a swim meet and have to cancel?

Please let the coaches know ASAP.  If your child is in a relay for that meet another child may take their place. Most of the time if this happens last minute that relay will be scratched because there isn’t enough time to find a replacement.


Q. What are Mandatory Volunteer Hours?

Our team cannot run without our parent volunteers!  Each family must contribute a set number of hours of volunteer time at meets, both home and away.  This number is determined at the start of the season. Job sign up is on the website under each event.  If you do not meet this requirement you will be assessed a fee of $10 per hour not completed. Only adults may accrue volunteer hours for your family.


Q. Will there be anything when the swim season ends?

The team recognizes each and every swimmer at the end of the season party.  All families are welcome to eat, swim and socialize. Swim Team is a lot of fun!!!


Expected items – Team suit, cap and goggles

Team Suit – It is generally recommended not to wear this suit to practice more than twice a week to help preserve the suit's color and shape so that it can be used the following year. It is a good idea to wear it at least once a week to get used to swimming in it. The same team suit design is used for two consecutive years.
Team Cap – Wearing caps helps improve swim times and protects the hair from chlorine. The team will provide barracuda swim caps to each swimmer.
Goggles – Wearing goggles helps improve swim times and protects the eyes from chlorine.

The following items are highly recommended to make things go smoothly for your swimmer. Be sure to mark all items with your child's name.

Large Towel (you may want to bring two)
Practice Suits – this can be the suit your child normally wears to the pool or the beach. You do not have to buy a new practice suit. Practice suits should be one-piece.
Practice Caps, Suntan lotion, Bug spray and water bottle
Sweats/T Shirts – Swimmers generally like to wear a warm-up or sweat suit before meets and between events to stay warm (even in the summer - the water can be cold in the morning!). The T-shirts are usually worn as the sun comes out.
Baby or talcum powder – To "dust" the inside of swim cap. This helps preserve the cap and makes it easier to put on.

Special Parent's Note: 
June and July mornings can be cool at first and then get very warm as the morning progresses. All of our meets will be at outdoor pools. The summer sun will be shining. Therefore, you need to make sure you dress appropriately. Nothing is worse than being hot at a swim meet. It makes the time pass very slowly! Bring visors, hats, sunglasses and folding chairs. Some teams do not have enough chairs for the visitors. Most swim teams have snack bars available. This is great for siblings, who don’t swim, to help keep them happy.