The meets during the week are dual meets (against one other team) and are meant as practice meets for the championships. Each swimmer swims at least two, usually three, individual events and possibly relays. Relay teams are selected according to times and in dual meets Coach Todd can enter as many as needed. PLEASE let Coach Todd know if your swimmer cannot attend the meet so alternates can be placed on the relays and the swimmer is removed from the line-up.

Warm-ups usually begin at 5:00p.m. Starting time is usually 6:00p.m. Warm-ups are important! They acquaint the swimmer with the opposing pool, get the blood circulating and help prevent injuries such as muscle strains. 


Please mark your calendar with all the meets and TRY to schedule vacations away from the championship meets. We will have one invitational meet, relay meet and championship meet. They are much different than regular dual meets. They are meets that require a total team effort, so mark your calendars early. Here are some things you should know about the championship meets.



1. Coach asks and advises each swimmer on which three individual events to enter. 


2. There will be officials on the pool deck. If strokes and/or turns are done incorrectly, the swimmer will be disqualified. That means the swim is VOID. No time, no award, only a hard lesson learned. Hopefully workout time and dual meets is where those lessons are learned. Also, one false start off the block is a disqualification.


3. Only the “A” relay can be entered at championships. Relays are chosen according to fastest times. Top four times in freestyle make the freestyle relay. The fastest backstroker, breaststroker, butterflier and freestyler make the medley relay. It is possible for one swimmer to be on both relays. Relay spots are hard earned honorary positions and are swam with pride.


4. The PCL (Private Club League) championship meet is run on a prelim/finals format. Everyone entering the events swims in the morning hours. The top 16 swimmers return in the evening to swim for points and awards. The top eight swimmers swim in the finals, the next eight swim in the consolation finals. Only these swimmers score. It is a very exciting format! Be prepared to spend the whole weekend at the meet!!


RELAY TEAMS will be selected according to best times and attendance at practice.

*Medley relays...Best times in each stroke

*Freestyle relay..Four best freestyle times

*Crescendo........Freestyle consisting of 5 swimmers, 1 from each age group, who swim as follows: 8&u - 25 yards., 9&10 - 50 yards., 11&12 - 75 yards., 13&14-100 yards., senior - 150 yards. There is a girl and a boy relay team.

In dual meets throughout the season, we will have A, B, C, D, and even E relay teams depending on the number of swimmers competing. In championship meets, only A relay teams will be allowed to compete.