Welcome to the 2020 Season!

Opening Day is May 30th!

To register, go to Membership Registration, then Existing or New Member.  Do not login.

  1. When does Pleasant Hill Swim Club open? We open Friday, May 22 2020 at 4PM. We will open on weekdays at 4PM whenever Centerville City Schools are in session. Normally we are open daily from Noon to 9pm Sunday to Thursday and Noon to 10pm Friday and Saturday. On Sunday morning we have at Adult only swim from 10am to noon.
  2. You are required to check in the front desk every time your arrive. We will have your account and picture on file to verify your idendity.
  3. Can I bring guests? Yes we encourage you to bring guests with you. We charge $5.00 per guest for the day . On weekends and holidays we will charge $10 per adult . Guests may not come to the pool if the member is not attending the pool.
  4. Can I try the pool out if I am interested in becoming a member? Yes, A family may come for a one day trial, at our discretion and pay adult guest fees (which are returned if you join) but you must speak to our manager on duty for a tour and have your questions answered. In addition, we have an open house tour provided by board members each year  before we open for the season.
  5. Are grandparents free? Yes, if your grandparent is your guest and they are not interested in swimming.
  6. Can kids use the lounge chairs? No, for the convenience of the adult members we ask that children under 16 not take up space on a lounge chair. This is particularly an issue from noon to 4pm.
  7. We do not reserve tables or lounge chairs around the pool. We do not allow members to enter to pool area before noon to claim tables or chairs. 
  8. Can the initiation fee be split?  Yes, the $400 initiation fee can be split but  there is a $50 processing fee in order to do so. Instead of one payment of $400 you will incur 2 payments, $225 each year.
  9. If you are an active duty military member we recognize that you often are stationed here for a few years and are transferred  to serve elsewhere so we honor your service by waiving the initiation fee. We only require that you present your active duty ID to our Manager.
  10. Do you accept monthly payments for dues and initiation fees? No. We accept checks to our Post Office Box or a credit card payment in the online registration (Visa or Mastercard).
  11. Is there a service charge for using a credit card? Yes, If you choose to use a credit card by paying through our online membership system you will incur a 4.0% service charge.
  12. Can I have a babysitter come in the place of a parent? Yes, but they must be enrolled as a Caretaker which is a $50 fee per caretaker(only one individual per day).  This is to be certain the pool knows you have given custody of your children to someone who may not be of adult age.The caretaker can only attend the pool when the kids are present otherwise guest fee rules apply. The caretaker cannot bring non-members to the pool without guest fees being applied.
  13. When is the membership payment due? In order to fund the activities required to open and maintain the pool at the end of May we ask that members pay membership fees by April 1st. There is a $50 late fee assessed for members who pay after that date. We only allow 350 total memberships and in 2018 we sold out.
  14. Will the pool close for cold weather? Yes, the pool will close when the outside temperature is below 68 degrees at noon. We will typically reassess the situation later in the day and open if outside temperatures rises above 68 degrees. Our pool is heated to at least 82 degrees.
  15. Will you close for bad weather? Yes, If lighting is sighted we will shut down the pool for at least 15 minutes. If weather conditions at noon are inclement we will not open ( send our employees back home) and reassess the situation later in the day, typically 4pm when the next shift of personnel is scheduled to work. If it remains inclement and members do not show up by about 7pm we will close early. If the forecast is inclement for the day we will close for the day. We make an effort to post our status on our website and email to members who provide   that information in their registration.
  16. Are there fees to use the grill? No, presently we are not charging to use our two commercial size grills. We do require a $25 deposit and reservation for birthday parties in our picnic table area. If the area you reserved is not properly cleaned you will forefit your deposit. Non member guest fees apply to birthday parties and those guest are welcome to swim.
  17. Can we bring our own food and drink? Yes, you are permitted to bring your own food and drink. No bottles or glass are permitted at any time.
  18. Do you have a snack bar? Yes, we offer a few microwave food items along with a selection of beverage and snack items. It has been our policy to make the snack bar a convenience to our members and we do not profit from the sales of these items when we include the cost of the people attending to your needs.
  19. We allow an adult only swim period in the last 15 minutes of every hour. There is an adult only swim on Sunday mornings from 10am to 12pm (no children under 18 allowed at the pool during this time).
  20.  A FAMILY MEMBERSHIP means access to our pool and facilities when we are open to a parent or guardian ( no more than two adults) along with dependent children (under age 26) who are living on a permanent basis at the same address. The board reserves the right to request proof of residence. This proof could be a tax return or drivers license.

    If you believe you have a special situation please approach the board for discussion.

    Children or adults (not primary parents or guardians) over the age of 25 will be required to have a separate membership or pay guest fees. 

  21.  If you are a parent who no longer has dependent children in the home who wish to attend reqularly you may want to consider a couple or single membership. Note that your family members who wish to attend as your guests can only come if you are also at the pool and they are subject to guest fees.

  22. There is no smoking allowed inside the perimeter fence of the pool.