Registration for the 2023 Season


(Qualified Returning Members At This Time Only)

Application for Swim Coaches (send to Coach Angela at [email protected]):   Positions are filled for 2022

Application for all other Positions (send to Rob Beeler at [email protected]:  PDF File or Word File


We make it a priority to hire the children of members at our pool. In many cases this will be the first time employment for many of our associates. It is our desire that your children be taught how to handle the dynamics of employment through the experience of our part time positions. We will do all that we can to make the experience rewarding both financially and personally.

We have found that the best way for parents to make the experience successful is to encourage your children to do one simple thing .. know thier schedule and show up on time.

Life can be a very worthwhile experience IF

    ...You learn.
    ...You try.
    ...You stay.
    ...You care.

Hiring decisions are made by the Board of Directors.

 Swim Coaches  

Swim Coaches include Assistant and Junior Coaches  

Jr. Coaches are Coaches in Training who wish to work with swimmers and coaches in the water daily, who aren't old enough to be a coach, but want to learn!

Swim Team Coach Applcants: we expect to receive more applicants for coaching than we have open positions; please keep this in mind when filling out the applications, provide as much information as possible. 

Coaches are expected to be at all practices and scheduled events/meets.