Registration for the 2023 Season


(Qualified Returning Members At This Time Only)

Pleasant Hill Swim is a private swim club located in a serene, wooded area in the heart of Centerville, Ohio. It offers recreational and competitive swimming in a family-oriented environment. We have a 25 meter, heated swimming pool maintained at least 82 degrees featuring 6 lanes, a 12 foot diving well with low and high boards, and a step-in 2 foot shallow end. Come visit our complex and see for yourself how great it is to belong to Pleasant Hill Swim Club!

Why Join PHSC? Here are a few activities we offer:

  • Swim lessons
  • The Fighting Fish Swim Team competitions
  • Competitive sand volleyball games
  • Kid's pool party
  • Movie nights
  • Adult party
  • Adult only swim on Saturday and Sunday Mornings
  • and so much more!


Membership Information

Memberships are non-transferable (bonded memberships ended in 1995).

Memberships do NOT automatically renew each year.  You must register and pay (and be approved) each season.  PHSC staff or members of the Board of Directors cannot complete this action on your behalf.

PHSC Definition:  An EXISTING (RETURNING) MEMBER means you have been an approved member of PHSC within the last two seasons.  If you do not join for two consecutive seasons, you are considered a new member again when you decide to return, and are responsible for all fees associated with a new membership. (i.e. you can skip one year and return the following year without being responsible for paying another Initiation Fee)

PHSC Definition:  A FAMILY MEMBERSHIP means access to our pool and facilities, when open, to a parent or guardian (no more than two adults) along with dependent children (under age 26) who are living on a permanent basis at the same physical address. The board reserves the right to request proof of residence. This proof could be a tax return or drivers license.  Children or adults (not primary parents or guardians) over the age of 25 will be required to have a separate membership or come as a guest (rules/fees apply).

PHSC Definition:  A CARETAKER (Babysitter/Caregiver) means someone at least 14 years old who can only attend the pool with the dependent children they are charged to care for, per the membership account. The caretaker is not a member, and does not have permission to use the pool on their own or sign in guests. See the expanded definition of a Caretaker in the Rules & Regulations (Rules Tab).


Membership Fees (Annual Dues)

Note: Sales Tax = 7.5%

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL (Existing Members): 
Family Dues: $450 + tax ($483.75)
Couple: $350 + tax ($376.25)
Single (18+): $250 + tax ($268.75)

Existing Members: 
Family Dues: $500 + tax ($537.50)
Couple: $400 + tax ($430.00)
Single (18+): $300 + tax ($322.50)

New Pool Members: New pool members will incur a first year $400 +tax ($430) new membership initiation fee in addition to the annual membership dues.  The initiation fee is non-refundable and non-transferable. The new membership initiation fee can be divided over the first two years of membership with a $50 additional premium.
Family Dues: $500 + tax ($537.50)
Couple: $400 + tax ($430.00)
Single (18+): $300 + tax ($322.50)

Caretaker (Babysitter/Caregiver) Pass: $50 +tax ($53.75)

Active Duty Military Members (Regular Component) who receive PCS Orders within 4 years of joining can be reimbursed the paid Initiation Fee amount.  Must be active PHSC members when requesting reimbursement.  Promotion begins with the 2023 season.  Contact the Membership Board Rep for additional details


Swim Team Fees (Fees are not taxed)

Swim Team 1st Member $70

Swim Team 2 Members $130 ($60 for 2nd swimmer + $70 for 1st swimmer)

Swim Team 3 Members $175 ($45 for 3rd swimmer + $60 for 2nd swimmer + $70 for 1st swimmer)

Swim Team 4 Members $220 ($45 for 4th swimmer + $45 for 3rd swimmer + $60 for 2nd swimmer + $70 for 1st swimmer)

Swim Team 5 Members $265 
         ($45 for 5th swimmer + $45 for 4th swimmer + $45 for 3rd swimmer + $60 for 2nd swimmer + $70 for 1st swimmer)

Swim Team Beginner Swimmer $50
              Beginner swimmers are 8 and younger, who need assistance in the water
              Beginners will have 2 practices/week
              Beginner swimmers will not participate in swim meets

    (Swim Team Fees Updated 1/16/2021)