Thanks for making 2020 another great summer!

To register, go to Membership Registration, then Existing or New Member.  Do not login.

 Here is the first way to register right off the website. Just choose the correct type of membership  New, Existing, Military New, Swim Team

Here is the next screen you will see. Please read it carefully, I put a lot of thought into it. At the bottom CONTINUE

Then the system will ask you to login. IMPORTANT! Nobody has a password. If you are an existing member and I sent you an invitation in January to register and you did not do that in a few hours that link has expired and you will get an INVALID error. It is useful for telling you what emai address is in the system. If you are an existing member just put in your email address and click on Forgot password?. You can then set your password and continue with the registration. If you get kicked out to the beginning then just get back here and login with your newly set password. If you wish to create a new account with a new email address just choose "create new account" at the bottom of the page to set a new email address and a password.

You will be asked to check off a series of Waivers on the this page. Notice the +ADD MEMBER button on the right.

After you have checked off the waiver boxes you will be taken to the ACCOUNT SCREEN. Put you account information in and save it and you will be taken back to the screen to choose the +ADD MEMBERS button. The save button is in the bottom right.

Now you will be back the the screen to add members again. Notice the + ADD MEMBER box on the right side. This is where you add YOURSELF and your other family members. Just keep adding members on this screen until they are all in. Then you can checkoff the waiver boxes and continue.

Here you add the members in your Family.  You are required to fill out the bottom box for the relationship to the account owner. We need you to declare that relationshp...Account Owner, Spouce, Son, Daughter etc.

There is a critical drop down box in the lower left corner called Register to this Group



 Notice the Register to this Group (above). This is where you pick view details and add the Registration Billing Group the the Member.  The default is "Additional Member".You will end up wiht a ZERO invoice unless at least one member (and only one Member) has the proper Billing Group ( Family Existing Membership)

Here is what the drop down box looks like (below). Only one member of your family should have the Couple, Family or Single Group code. If you want to register your family members in the swim team there is a separate registration in the drop down of the website.

All of the rest should have Additional Member unless you are adding a Caretaker. This is how your family is charged the correct amount. Pick the right Registration group and the ADD button in the bottom right corner.

Now see how the screen should look after you have added yourself (attaching the right registration billing group) and adding any other family members as Additional Members. When you are finished adding family members just click the PROCEED to CHECKOUT Button in the botton right. See how Michael is charged the amount for the membership and Grayson has no charge because of his Billing Group.

Notice the payment method box. This where you decide how to pay. If you choose cc then another screen will ask for that information.

Now you are proceeding to checkout. There should be a registration total. If it is Zero then you have not attached the appropriate Registration Billing Group to ONE member in the Cart. If it is wrong just choose the button to edit the registraton or cart.

After you SUBMIT the registration we will wait for your check or credit card payment.  IF YOU DO NOT SUBMIT YOU WILL LOSE THE REGISTRATION AND HAVE TO START OVER. 

You will not be able to login and change you account information or members until they have been approved. If you add more members to your account they will also have to be registered and approved. We reserve the right to ask for proof of residence of any member you register. That may be in the form of a drivers license or tax return.

Once you have been approved you will then be instructed to add a picture to the member record. That record will not be available until you are approved so registering and sending the check late in April will delay that process because of the volume I have to process.

Notice that we are on the Membership record and the next tab over to the left is the Account record. Here is what the Member Record will look like once the member is approved. This is where you will upload the picture.  The Account holder may wish to upload their picture in the Account record as well as in their membership record ( where it is required).

Important! Notice the wording on the right side about "Drag an image anywhere in this window to upload". You will not see this verbage or the Upload or Delete image buttons on your membership record but dragging the picture to the area will work the same. Use your mouse to drag the picture into the area around the circle. When you see a green plus sign appear you can release the mouse and the picture will load. If when you load your photos they are turned sideways it can be fixed by taking the original image, double clicking on it to put into an edit mode and then use the edit mode to rotate it 360 degrees. You should also crop the picture making the top just above the hair line so your face will fit into the circle. Then save it under another name before dragging it into the photo area again.