Registration for the 2023 Season


(Qualified Returning Members At This Time Only)

Pleasant Hill Swim Club

Rules and Regulations for Club and Premises

To be Reviewed Annually by the Board of Trustees

-          Revised 16 November, 2020

The following rules and regulations have been established by the Board of Trustees for the protection and benefit of all members and their guests, and to assure safe and sanitary operation of the Club facilities.  The manager on duty and lifeguards are authorized to enforce and assure all rules are followed, as granted by the Board of Trustees, in accordance with Pleasant Hill Swim Club By-laws.  The Rules and Regulations may be changed if and when necessary, at the discretion and by direction of the Board of Trustees. 


Operating Hours

1.       The pool will be open seven days a week from Memorial Day through Labor Day.

2.       For general swimming, when Centerville schools are not in session (and when Centerville schools are in session), the pool hours will be:

  • Monday – Thursday = 12:00 p.m. to 8:45 p.m.  (4:00 p.m. to 7:45 p.m.)
  • Friday = 12:00 p.m. to 9:45 p.m. (4:00 p.m. to 9:45 p.m.)
  • Saturday = *10:00 a.m. to 9:45 p.m.
  • Sunday = *10:00 a.m. to 8:45 p.m.

Note 1: *Saturday and Sunday 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. is reserved for Adult swim only.  Children who have not reached their 18th birthday are not permitted into the Club during this time.

Note 2: Pool closes for the season on Labor Day at 6:00 p.m.

3.       The manager on duty may restrict swimming or prohibit swimming for periods of maintenance, staff instruction, inclement weather (e.g. lightening in the area) or health conditions.  These periods shall be limited as much as possible, with swimming restored at the earliest safe time. 

4.       At least one manager and one lifeguard shall be on duty from opening until closing time.

5.       15 minutes of every hour will be designated adult (those who have reached their 18th birthday) swimming time in the main pool.  At the discretion of the manager on duty, adult swimming may be extended, shortened, or discontinued.  A child who has not reached their 2nd birthday may accompany parents during adult swim.





1.       Always treat other members, guests, and staff with the same courtesy and respect you expect to receive.

2.       No running or rough play.

3.       No fireworks, firecrackers or explosive material of any kind.

4.       No smoking, vaping, or any use of tobacco products.

5.       No cursing, obscene or abusive language. 

6.       No weapons of any kind.

7.       Club staff are not daycare providers.  Parents/guardians (or recognized caregivers on a pass), are responsible for supervising minor children at all times, and ensuring they comply with Club Rules. 


Health and Safety

1.       All commonly recognized rules of sanitation and safety shall be observed.

2.       Admission to the pool may be refused to anyone with non-waterproof bandages or visible signs of illness. 

3.       Members and guests who recently have been exposed to, may think they have, or received a positive COVID-19 test, must adhere to the Center of Disease Control, Ohio Department of Health, and Montgomery County Public Health guidance, and complete provided criteria prior to (re)entering the Club. 

4.       There will be absolutely no swimming permitted unless a Club lifeguard is on duty and sitting in a guard chair.

5.       Children who are not toilet trained must wear an approved swim diaper to enter the baby pool or main pool.  Regular diapers, disposable or cloth, are not permitted in the pools.

6.       Alcohol is permitted in the Club, for members and guests of legal drinking-age.  Consumption of alcohol shall be conducted safely and with courtesy and respect for other members, guests, and staff.  ABSOLUTELY NO GLASS CONTAINERS. All risk is assumed by the consumer.

8.       No pets.  [When approved, dogs are welcomed once per year, for “doggie-swim” after the pool closes for the season on Labor Day evening.  (***Member’s dogs only***)]




9.       The Club is not responsible for lost or damaged personal property.

10.    Parking lot speed is 10 mph! Drivers should exercise extreme caution.

11.    No GLASS containers of any kind are permitted inside the fenced area.

12.    All trash must be taken home with you or placed in containers provided.  Littering is prohibited.

13.    Inflatables may be used at the discretion of the lifeguards and/or the manager on duty.  Inflatables should be small and clear to allow lifeguards visible sight-lines to all areas of the pool.

14.    Pool toys which may cause harm to other members are prohibited.  Absolutely no metal or hard plastic objects are allowed in the pools.  Lifeguards have authority to determine risk and can require any toy/object to be removed from the pool.

15.    Drinks are permitted to be consumed on or by the pool ledge by adults only.  Drinks are not permitted into the pool unless consumed by the pool ledge (within arm’s reach to the ledge).

16.    Use of the kiddie pool shall be limited to children five years of age or younger (children who have not reached their 6th birthday).  Children in the kiddie pool are required to be supervised 100% of the time by an accompanying adult (lifeguards do not monitor the kiddie pool).

17.    Radios, bluetooth speakers and other devices that play music/sound can only be used on or near the pool deck with headphones, earbuds/etc. Rule of Thumb = your neighbor should not be able to hear your music.  *Exception is the sand volleyball court, but the speaker is not to disturb poolside members.

18.    For Private Parties, please contact the manager on duty for cost and details.

19.    Diving Board/Well Rules:

  • One person only on a diving board.  The next person in line must remain on the deck until the diver has jumped off the board.
  • Do not jump off the boards until the previous diver has exited the water.
  • No sitting on the boards.
  • Diver must jump straight off the end, not to either side.
  • After diving, the swimmer shall immediately proceed to the side of the pool nearest the diving board and exit the pool using the ladder.
  • No toys, goggles, flippers, life jackets (PFD), noodles or flotation devices (inflatables) are permitted on diving boards
  • Parents/adults may not catch children diving off boards (they may be in the water, near the pool ledge, to assist their child after they jump off the board).
  • Swimming in the dive well is not permitted unless the lifeguard has closed the boards.
  • High Dive – NO looking over the railing or going back down the ladder.  If you climb the ladder, you must jump off the board!
  • High Dive – NO walking back and forth on the board. 




1.       The manager on duty and lifeguards have authority to enforce Club rules and may command any individual on Club property to comply with Club rules. 

2.       Violation of the Rules and Regulations may result in disciplinary actions (e.g. verbal warnings, timeouts (for minors), temporary suspensions, and season suspensions), dependent upon the frequency and severity of the infraction(s).  The Discipline Policy will be strictly enforced.  The Primary Account Holder will be notified if a member on their account is being disciplined.

Discipline Policy:

  • First infraction will result in a warning.
  • Second infraction (same offense within the same season) will result in a seven day suspension.
  • Third infraction (same offense within the same season) will result in suspension for the remainder of the pool season.
  • Suspensions will not result in membership or guest fee reimbursement of any kind.
  • Pool Manager or the Board of Trustees retains authority to administer discipline without regard to the three-offense policy, particularly in matters of member/staff safety, damage to Club property, and illegal misconduct (e.g. vandalism, theft, assault, underage drinking, and illegal drug use). 

3.       All complaints are to be directed to the manager on duty (NOT the lifeguards or other staff members).

4.       Damage to Club Property: Responsible members will be financially responsible for costs incurred due to damage to Club property.  The Board of Trustees will make the decision to repair or replace damaged items. *Sponsoring members will be financially responsible for damage caused by their guests.

5.       Club property and equipment shall not be removed from the premises unless express permission of the Pool Manager and/or Board of Trustees.  Failure to return any borrowed material by the date established by the Pool Manager and/or Board of Trustees will result in replacement costs at the responsibility of the borrowing member.

6.       All discipline decisions from the Board of Trustees are final.




Guests, Caregivers, and Unaccompanied Minors



1.       All guests must be signed in at the front desk, and be accompanied at all times, by a member (sponsor) who meets criteria for entering the Club unaccompanied.  (If the sponsoring member leaves the Club for any reason, the guest does too!  Unsponsored guests will be required to leave the Club immediately.)

2.       Guest fees will be paid at the front desk at the time they are signed in.

3.       All rules and regulations applying to members shall also apply to guests.  (It is the sponsoring member’s responsibility to ensure guests are aware of Club rules and regulations.)

4.       Sponsoring members are responsible for guest conduct (and subject to disciplinary actions).




1.       A member may purchase a caregiver pass through the membership account.  The caregiver pass is a courtesy to members and is intended to be used only when the parents/guardians cannot be present with their minor child(ren) when at the Club.

2.       Caregivers must be at least 14 years old, and can enter the Club only with the child(ren) they are charged to care for, per the membership account.  Caregivers do not have permission to use the Club on their own.

3.       The caregiver pass is only for the individual identified as such in the membership account, and does not extend to the caregiver’s family or friends.

4.       Only one Caregiver on a membership is allowed in the Club at any one time.

5.       Parent/guardian responsibility [of their minor child(ren)] is automatically recognized by the Club once the parent/guardian enters the Club. 

  • Caregivers who enter the Club with the parent/guardian, or when the parent/guardian is already present, are considered guests, and subject to guest rules/fees.
  • Caregivers who stay at the Club after the parent/guardian arrives are then considered guests, and subject to guest rules/fees. 


Unaccompanied Minors (members):

1.       Children who have not reached their tenth birthday may not enter the pool unless accompanied by an adult or responsible caregiver, age 14 or older (membership rules apply).

2.       Children who have not reached their tenth birthday cannot sign in guests.



Weather Closures


1.       Weather updates that affect operating hours of the pool will be either posted on the Club websitehttps://www.teamunify.com/team/recphsc/page/home, or sent out via email to registered members. 

2.       The manager on duty is the decision maker for adjusting pool hours due to weather.  Decisions will be based on current and forecasted weather predictions. 

3.       The pool will not open if the temperature is (or forecasted to be) below 68 degrees Fahrenheit that day.

4.       If the pool (re)opens, at or after 5:30 p.m., the concession stand will remain closed for the rest of the day.

5.       If the decision is made to close the pool at 5:30 p.m., or later, the manager on duty will remain at the pool until 7:00 p.m. to monitor weather updates with the possibility of reopening.  If the pool is still closed at 7:00 p.m. for weather, it will remain closed for the rest of the day.




1.       All collection of personal data is for the sole purpose of conducting pool business.  No transfer of data to third parties will be authorized without prior written approval of individual members.

2.       Members/employees who misuse personal data will be subject to disciplinary action.