Pleasant Hill opens again on May 28 2021!


The PHSC Fighting Fish are a summer swim team dedicated to learning to swim, learning to swim FASTER and having FUN!  2019 SSA Leauge Head Coach of the Year Angela Maciukiewicz (pronounced MATCHA-kev-itch) is back for her 4th season in 2020. A former DI collegiate swimmer with a passion for coaching, her enthusiasm and love for swimming have more than doubled the size of our team. She oversees swim team development, practice plans, and swim meets with support from many of our PHSC parents and Fighing Fish coaching staff. Come enjoy her energy, positivity and love for the sport of swimming!


Unfortunately, SSA has cancelled all sanctioned meets including Championships.  But at PHSC, we believe we can still offer a safe swimming environment for those who want to participate.  We are confident we can offer quality swim team practices, working on all components of swimming and include safe-racing opportunities as well. We know that choosing to swim will be a family choice.  We hope you will have the confidence in us to join our team this summer.  With our plan in place, we hope to have a fun and safe experience for all swimmers.
Based on the guidelines from the state of OH regarding swimming, here are the details:
  • Practices held Monday - Thursday with "Racing Days" on Fridays
  • Each Swimmer will get 30-minutes of instruction at each practice in small groups, 
  • Based on age groups, there will be 2-3 swimmers per lane with one coach assisting from the deck, providing personalized attention to those 2-3 swimmers. Siblings are an exception to these guidelines, all siblings can be in the same lane with no limitations. 
  • Beginner swimmers who are not independent in the shallow-water may have assistance from a parent or sibling in the water.
  • We can accommodate approximately 72 swimmers based on our model of swimming 4 days per week with the option to have a "race day" on Fridays.  
  • Private Swim Lessons may be available with the coaches based on their availability and have a separate fee.
  • Swimmers will have limited access to the locker rooms; considerations will need to be made for this.
  • Spectators on deck may be limited.

Utimately, we will be following guidelines from USA Swimming, ODH and the CDC to keep swimmers and families safe. 


Register your swimmers by visiting Registration-->Swim Team on our website. You will need your regsitration credentials for membership to log on.

1st swimmer = $70
2nd swimmer = $60
3rd+ swimmer = $45
Beginner swimmer = $50 each (applies to swimmers who will require shallow water instruction)

*Team fees include 5 weeks of daily (Monday-Friday) low swimmer:coach instruction on all 4 strokes and intra-squad racing.