Registration is OPEN!


Registration is OPEN!

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PHSC Swim Team Information

Registration is first-come, first-served; there will be a limit on the number of swimmers on Swim Team.
Once max roster is reached, a waiting list will be collected; please contact [email protected] if you need to be added to the Wait List)

Our emphasis at PHSC is becoming stronger swimmers while having fun and swimming faster!  We encourage ALL swimmers to join us, even those with very little experience.  On Swim Team, the emphasis is on the swimmer: swimming is an INDIVIDUAL sport with a TEAM result!  We  DO NOT focus on place-finished, but on swimmer's individual finish time: as they get stronger & more confident, they get faster!  It's a great accomplishment to start the season only being able to go half way, and ending the season swimming a WHOLE length -- WHILE your teammates CHEER you on!!

Joining Swim Team, your swimmer will have MANY opportunities for success & having fun while learning to be SAFE & STRONG in the water.

Head Coach, Angela Maciukiewicz (pronounced MATCH-a-kev-ich), a former Division 1 collegiate swimmer, is returning for her 7th summer as the 2023 PHSC Head Coach, and to her 14thseason as a summer-club coach.  Angela, the SSA League's 2019 Coach of the Year, along with the Assistant coaches, bring their love and passsion for swimming to all PHSC swimmers.  The coach's goals are to teach all swimmers to swim faster with good techniqe and skills, while reinforcing goal-setting and instilling confidence as PHSC Fighting Fish. 

Swim Team is for youth age 4-18 years old.
(Must be 4 years old by May 1st and be able able to work with coaches in the water independently; up to 18 years old or the summer after their senior year of High School).

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  • Practice 4xweek for 30-minutes  and Fun Friday Events at 10:30am for the WHOLE team
    • Practices scheduled per age group:
      • 6& younger have 2 groups (swimmers must be 4 years old & able to work independently with coaches in the water) 
        • Group 1 are those who need help IN the water 
        • Group 2 is for experiences swimmers who need little help
      • 7&8 Age Group - swimmers will be grouped by peers and ability; emphasis is on skills and endurance.  This group uses the whole pool
    • Swimmers don't have to come to all practices, but just like with other skills, the more time you work, the sooner you get stronger (wink!)
    • More opportunities to learn and get stronger in the water
    • Confidence boost with successes
    • Get to see our coaches and teammates MORE often - catch the TEAM SPIRIT!!
  • Swim Meets (optional but higly encouraged) 
    • Hosted on Tuesdays & Thursdays (evenings)
    • We have 7 Swim Meets, usually 3-4HOME meets, only 3-4 AWAY meets 
    • Meets give EVERYONE a chance to measure successes & reach goals
    • Swimmers 6 and Younger ONLY SWIM HALF the length of the pool WITH a coach IN the water, but have option to race a full length when they are ready
    • Only 6-8 swimmers race at one time
    • PHSC Teammates CHEERING on the sidelines
    • 6& under events are usually over by 7:30 allowing for proper bedtime!

BEGINNER SWIM TEAM - this program is being REWORKED into a Swim Lessons Program
Check out the SWIM LESSONS link for updates to this program.
REGISTRATION will open for Swim Lessons by May 1, 2023

Registration for Swim Team 2023 is OPENS FEBRUARY 1, 2023!!

2023 Fees -- NO INCREASE FOR 2023! (Fees increased for the 2021 season)

$70 for Swim Team (practice M-F mornings)

$20 for Employee Swim Team (Hire employee of PHSC)


For 2023 - ALL Swimmers will recieve a PHSC Swim Team T-shirt, please make sure you mark your swimmer's size during regisration process.

Link to Swim Team Registration

Discounts will remain the same for multiple-swimmer families.
(Discounts will NOT apply to Beginner Swim Team)

$10 Discount for 2nd Swimmer

($70/Swimmer 1 + $60/Swimmer 2 = $130 for 2 Swimmers)


$35 Discount for 2nd and 3rd Swimmer

($70/Swimmer x 3 Swimmers = $210 MINUS Discount $35 =$175 for 3 swimmers)


$60 Discount for 2nd, 3rd & 4th Swimmers

($70/Swimmer x 4 Swimmers = $280 MINUS Discount $60=$220 for 4 swimmers)


$85 Discount for 2nd 3rd, 4th and all additional swimmers

($70/Swimmer x 5 Swimmers = $350 MINUS Discount $85=$265 for 5 swimmers)

Link to Swim Team Registration