Swim Team Registration is closed.
Registration for the 2021 season is closed. 
Registration resumes in the fall for 2022.                                                        

2021 New Pleasant Hill Club Membership

Open for Returning Members

10/2/20 - 5/19/21

Open for New Members

3/1/21 - 5/19/21


If you are an existing member please exit this option and choose the existing membership option.

Important! The ACCOUNT holder must ALSO add themselves as a MEMBER. This is the most common mistake registering members make. The REGISTRATION BILLING GROUP should only be on the primary MEMBER record. All other members should have the BILLING GROUP "Additional Member". The Billing group is blue in the lower left corner of the member record in a drop down box.

Welcome to the Pleasant Hill Swim Club Electronic Registration platform for our upcoming swim season! We are pleased to offer electronic payment processing and registration. The process is simple for both new and returning members. You'll get access to your own private account that will enable you easily declare for swim meets, sign-up for jobs, see your children's swim times histories, maintain your own contact information, and more.

We look forward to having you join the Pleasant Hill Swim Club and are excited for another great season!

Some important notes and definitions:

1. After you register and are approved your family you will need to upload a picture (head and shoulders shots only). However, you cannot complete this step until you are approved. Your approval is contingent upon receiving your check in our P.O Box or CC payment through our bank. Your MEMBER record cannot be seen until you are approved. You must go back later and add the picture and your membership will be in a holding status after approval until this step is completed. I will email you when you are approved so you can go back and add the picture. This will be used in the verification process at front desk check-in.

Important! The ACCOUNT holder must also add themselves as a MEMBER. The REGISTRATION BILLING GROUP should only be on the primary MEMBER record. All other members should have the BILLING GROUP "Additional Member".

The primary account member should contain the proper Billing Group for the type of membership for which you are registering. All other members should have Additional Member as the Billing Group to avoid additional charges. If you are registering your children in the swim team use the proper Billing Group on their member record (1st swim team member, 2nd swim team member etc) in order to get the proper discount for multiple swim team members.

If you have an issue with the primary member account and you delete it to start over please put the proper Billing Group into the record or the billing  may default to Additional Member which will not charge the proper amount and delay your account approval.

There is a requierd field in the membership area called "Relationship to primary member" You should put in Husband, Wife, Spouce, Son, Daughter etc. We need you to declare the relationship so we can deal with any issues regarding "family".


2. A FAMILY MEMBERSHIP means access to our pool and facilities when we are open to a parent or guardian ( no more than two adults) along with dependent children (under age 26) who are living on a permanent basis at the same address. The board reserves the right to request proof of residence. This proof could be a tax return or drivers license.

If you believe you have a special situation please contact the board for discussion.

Children or adults (not primary parents or guardians) over the age of 25 will be required to have a separate membership or pay guest fees. 

If you are a parent who no longer has dependent children in the home who wish to attend reqularly you may want to consider a couple or single membership. Note that your non-pool member family members who wish to attend as your guests can only come if you are also at the pool and they are subject to guest fees.

3. If you have not been a renewing member of the pool for 3 years you are required to pay an initiation fee. Please exit and enter as a new member.

4. A Caretaker means someone who can only attend the pool when the dependant children are also in attendance. The caretaker may not bring another non-member without incurring guest fees. If you believe you have a special situation please contact the board for discussion.


5. A POOL TRANSFER means in the last two years you paid an annual fee to another swim club organized similar to Pleasant Hill and wish to transfer to our pool and not have to pay another initiation fee. We will discount the normal initiation fee of $400 down to $200 if you can send us proof of that payment in the last two years. 

Please include documentation with your payment or send documentation to P.O. Box 41234 Dayton OH 45441. You will not be approved until we receive this documentation.

HOA fees paid for the use of a community pool do not qualify as a pool transfer.


If you have any questions please contact me by email: [email protected]

Brian Caufield



Registration is not open. Please come back later.