Frequently Asked Questions

Who can participate on swim team?

Whitehall Swim Team is open to members of Whitehall Pool and Tennis Club. We welcome swimmers of varying ability up to age 18 (cannot be older then 18 as of May 31 of the current year).

Who can participate with mini's?

The "mini" swim group is catered to our younger swimmers. Typically, minis are age 5-7 and are just starting to really get comfortable in the water. Mini's should be comfortable in the water without an adult, be able to blow bubbles and submerge in the water.

What does swim team cost?

Swim Team is included a a free offering to pool members. There is no additional fee to participate with swim team, but there is a volunteer requirements. We ask that all families volunteer during meets, as well as provide concessions during the season. Families who fail to meet this obligation pay $300 fee.

What are the volunteer requirements?

Each participating family must volunteer AT LEAST 2 times at a meet during the season. In addition, each family must donate 2 items to concessions during the course of the season. If Whitehall hosts the Divisionals or All-Stars meet, then each family must also donate an item to concessions at those particular meets (in addition to the 2 during the normal course of the season). See the "Volunteer Requirements" tab of this website for more information.

Where can I find practice and meet information?

As schedules become available, they are posted to the Team Calendar on this website. Once the pool is open for the summer, schedules are also posted on the Swim Team bulletin board, found in the concessions area of the pool.

What is the difference between an "A Meet" and a "B Meet"?

A Meets are our competitive meets throughout the summer. These meets are held on Saturday's and the number of swimmers at these meets is limited and based on speed and legal swims.

B Meets are still races, but they are not league meets. We compete against another Bowie pool during these meets. B Meets are open to swimmers who do not qualify for A meets. Swimmers who participate in A meets are welcome at B meets, but we ask that if they have placed top 6 in an event that they do not swim that event at a B meet.

I want to be more involved, how can I help the team?

We LOVE volunteers! The team is always looking for people to take on more "permanent" roles throughout the season. We are in need of a data manager and concessions lead. If any of these interest you, please reach out to [email protected]

Think you can help the team in a different way? Reach out!

How do I get a team swimsuit or clothing?

Metro Swim Shop provides our team suits. They come to the pool in early-mid May (date is announced) to take orders. If you do not want the official team suit, a solid navy bathing suit will work!

We do ask that all swimmers participating in any meet wear the official Whitehall swim cap. The swim cap can be purchased at the pool for $10.

We do our best to offer shirts every summer, working through a local vendor. When available, information is shared. Clothing is purchased through an online portal.


Questions? Please email [email protected]