Volunteering Requirements


Whitehall Swim Team would not be possible without the support of our amazing parents! Let’s make it a fun season for our swimmers! 

Each participating family is required to submit a a $300 check at the beginning of each season. Each  family (including those with mini swimmers) is responsible for meeting the minimum volunteer requirements as detailed below. Those families who fulfill their volunteer requirements will have their volunteer check shredded at the end of the season.  Those families who do not fulfill their volunteer requirements will forfeit their $300 volunteer deposit.


  • Families are required to volunteer at a minimum of two swim meets AND make two food or drink donations to our concessions.
  • If Whitehall is hosting Divisionals or All Stars (in 2023 we are hosting Divisionals), every family must ALSO donate 1 item to concessions.
  • If you have a swimmer in Divisionals, you must ALSO volunteer at Divisionals.
  • If you volunteer in a certified position through the summer (i.e. Stroke and turn or Ref/Starter), your concession donation items are waived.



Head Judge- Are you good with numbers? This is the job for you! While the title may sound intimidating, it is not a difficult role.  As timesheets are collected from the timers after each event, the Head Judge reviews the three lane times listed for each swimmer and circles the middle time, then clips together the timesheets, DQ slips, and place judge slips for each event and passes it to the Data Manager for data entry.

Head Timer- Do you have good coordination? This may be just the job for you! The Head Timer runs two watches for each event in order to substitute for any Lane Timer as needed.  Also instructs Lane Timers to clear watches after each event.

Roving Timer- The Roving Timer times the first place finish in each event for record purposes.  May also step in as a back-up lane timer if needed.

Lane Timer- Can you look at a light and press a button (gamers, we are looking at you!)? That is the skill set needed to be a Lane Timer! Lane timers start a stopwatch at the beginning of each race and stop the watch when the swimmer touches the wall. There are three lane timers per lane and one person per lane also records all three times. If you mess up and accidentally don't start the watch on time, not to worry- the Head Timer runs two back-up watches for every race!

Sweep Judges- Have a good eye for watching a close finish?  Want a front row seat to every race? The Sweep Judge (aka Place Judge) has just that! The Sweep Judge sits at the side of the pool and looks across all lanes to determine which lanes come in 1st and 2nd place!

Stroke and Turn - Another great view of the pool! Stroke and Turns have a front row view of all events! Their responsibility is to watch the swimmers and ensure that the appropriate rules are being followed. Must be PMSL certified

RunnerTrying to get your steps in? Consider being the Runner! The Runner collects time cards from each lane after each event and hands out heat winner ribbons to younger age groups.

Ref/Starter- The Ref/Starter is actually two roles. At home meets, Whitehall supplies the Referee. The Referee makes the ultimate call on Disqualifications, blows the whistle to signal new heats, and is in charge of pool safety. At away meets, Whitehall provides the Starter. The Starter announces the event/heat and instructs swimmers to take their mark, begins the race, and makes disqualification suggestions to the Referee at the start of the race (i.e. false starts). To be a Ref/Starter you should have at least one year of Stroke and Turn under your belt and you must be PMSL certified.

Ribbons- Stickers!! At A Meets you will be responsible for placing results stickers onto the correct ribbons (by place). At B Meets the ribbon volunteers handwrite ribbons.

Clerk of Course- The Clerks of Course line up swimmers (in chairs) for correct lane assignments and get them to their proper lanes prior to each event.  You work as a team of 2-4 clerks and will find that this is a great way to get to know our swimmers!  Any teachers out there?  You will excel in this job!

Concessions- Concession volunteers are responsible for selling food, drinks and occasionally other items at our concession stand.  We always have enough workers so parents can slip away to watch their swimmer’s race too!  

Hospitality- Volunteers are needed to make our meets happen and it is important to keep them hydrated! Hospitality is responsible for delivering water (and sometimes other drinks/snacks) to our volunteers and coaches.

Meet Marshal- Sometime we just need that extra person to keep traffic flowing and to make sure rules are being followed. We dont have this role at every meet, but when we do you can expect to be directing people traffic, encouraging proper meet etiquette, etc.


Job Sign-Ups

Job sign-ups will open in advance of each meet right here on the Team Unify platform! From the home page, or the event page you will be able to select the "Job sign-up" button and select a position. 

Concession donations (food and drink) will be handled through Sign-Up Genius.  A link for these donations will be emailed out about a week before each meet to all registered families.


Incentive Program