Please note: Due to COVID-19, we do not expect to have any meets for the 2020 Summer Season.


What is a dual meet?

A dual meet is between two teams, usually within the same league. Our league is the Pikes Peak Swim League (PPSL) and consists of 6 summer club teams: Rockrimmon (Foothills Swim Club), Valley (Pleasant Valley Swim Club), Platte Canyon, Flying Horse Swim Club, Rampart Summer Club (at Rampart High School).



Is there a fee to enter a dual meet?

No, dual meets within our league are free to members.



How many events can I swim?

You can swim 3 individual events and one relay. Relays are usually at the end of the meet. If the coach places you in a relay, it is important to wait and swim the relays. Once the relays have been declared at the beginning of the meet, they cannot be changed.  If you do not show for a relay it is a huge disappointment for 3 other swimmers.

What time do the dual meets start?

Meets usually start at  8:00 and end before 12:30p.m. Details of start times will be visible on the webpage under events.  



What time do I need to be at the pool for warm-up?

Please be at the pool by 6:30a.m. when we are the host team.  Our warm-ups are over by 7:30 a.m. and then the visiting team will warm-up from 7:30-8;00, and then the meet starts minutes later.  Coach will have seniors warm-up first, then the younger swimmers. When we are the visiting team, our warm-ups are usually at 7:30, so please be at the pool by 7:00 a.m.

Specific warm-up times for each meet will be posted under events/swim meets on the website.



Why are most of the dual meets on Wednesday’s instead of the weekend?

Our meets are traditionally scheduled on Wednesday, as it is mid week, and often not a busy pool time for club members in the summer. We do have occasional weekend meets. Please refer to the team calendar.



What should I bring to the meet?
1. Something warm - a lot of kids like to bring sleeping bags. Sweats with hoods are also good.
2. Sunscreen
3. At least 2 towels (the towel used at warm-up does not dry well at 7 a.m. !!)
4. Cards, games, music, etc to pass the time
5. A sharpie - to write your events/heat number and lane number on you thigh, arm or elsewhere
6. Your suit and Team cap, and goggles (throw in an extra goggle if you have one)
7. Snacks or $$ to use at our own concession stand
8. A small plate of baked goods or something similar should be brought for our home meet that we sell at the concession stand. We also supply snacks and drinks for our "workers" ie officials, timers, clerk of course.
9. If you are a parent, wear a hat and good sunglasses to time at pools edge. The sun can be hot (or, it can be cold - who knows!)

If I am not the swimmer, am I expected to help work during the meet? 

Yes!  We have a 10 hour volunteer requirement per family, which is quite easy and reasonable to meet. Many of our parents will far surpass this requirement.  Check the “job sign-up” link at each meet to see where the need is. It takes ~30 parent volunteers to run a home meet!

Do you use officials or judges during the dual meets?

Our team is registered with USA Swimming, and as such, must use USA Certified Officials. These are our parents who will be wearing white shirts, and carrying clipboards, while they stand at the ends of the pool. They look very important. Their children are swimming on our team, or the visiting team, and they love us and love swimming! They are not there to make your child's swim experience miserable. They do not jump up and down like the rest of us crazy parents, because they are supposed to remain impartial.
Being disqualified (DQ'ed) is a learning experience to improve your swimmers stroke. We want those bad habits to be resolved early on! Your swimmer will get a "DQ" this season, I almost guarantee it. They will forget to touch the end of the pool with two hands, they will swim the wrong stroke in the excitement, or leave the blocks early, they will let that right foot turn in on the breaststroke.....whatever it is, a DQ is to help them improve! So.....if your child gets a "DQ", the official may/or may not have time to talk to your child directly. They will fill out a DQ slip, and send that to the coach. The coaching staff will then be able to tell your child what they did wrong. The officials usually don't have time to discuss too much with the swimmer, and definitely not the parent. They need to be ready to see the start of the next event, and the events go fast.


If you think being an official is something you might be interested in, talk to one of our wonderful parents who have committed to this!



Are the dual meets fun, or are they stressful?

The meets are the main reason that our swimmers love being part of the team! They are fun. If your swimmer is frightened of the competition, please try and talk to them about the team camaraderie, the benefits of knowing of their “best times”, and fun that team competitions can bring! It is wonderfull to see those times drop after all the hard training they put in. Our coaching staff is more than happy to talk to your swimmer if there are concerns. Many year-round swimmers return to their summer club team during the warm months because of the fun level of competition that we offer!