Membership Policies

  • Registration for the team is done through the website.  No swimmer will be allowed in the pool until they have registered and paid for their membership.

  • Refund Policy – The Colorado Swimming registration/insurance portion of the membership fee ($50) is non-refundable. Once practice begins, team fees will be refunded at 75% after 1 week, and 50% after two weeks. After that, no refunds will be given.

  • Volunteer Obligation – Like all youth sports, CSRC Swim Team relies completely on volunteers to organize and implement our activities. All families are required to volunteer 10 hours of time towards running swim meets during the season. There is an option of paying $100 if your family is unable, or unwilling,  to fulfill this obligation.  Swimmers who attend the State Championship Meet will have additional volunteer obligations at the swim meet. The volunteer hours requirement will not be enforced for the 2020 season due to the lack of swim meets.

Communication Policies

  • All questions regarding team membership should be directed to a member of the parent board.

  • Communication regarding all swim team business must be timely in order to maintain positive relationships among members, coaches and volunteer leadership. Please respond to any communication as quickly as possible. Please list all contact information in order of preference (phone, text, e-mail).

  • Communications regarding practice changes will be the responsibility of the coach.  The Team Unify website will be the method used to notify members of any changes. Please make sure you have contact information entered in the website.