Swim Meet Volunteer Position Descriptions

Stroke and Turn Judge **requires ODSL training
It is the job of this volunteer to observe the swimmers’ strokes and turns and to disqualify, in a fair and consistent manner, those swimmers who violate the current LCSL disqualification standards. All Stroke and Turn Judges must complete the training offered by Parks and Recreation or equivalent training.

  1. The benefit of the doubt goes to the swimmer

  2. Only the starter shall determine if a false start has occurred during an individual event or if the first swimmer in a relay event has false started. Swimmers shall be disqualified for more than one false start in a given event.

  3. Relays shall be disqualified if any swimmer false starts during the relay.

  4. Swimmers in age groups 9-10 and above shall be disqualified for stroke violations. Swim    mers in the 7-8 and 6 and under age groups shall receive warnings only.

  5. The purpose of the Stroke and Turn Judge is to ensure fair competition and not to demoralize any swimmer.

 A complete list of rules can be found in the LCSL Rules for Competition.

Head clerk of course/Assistant Clerk of Course
It is the duty of the above to line up the swimmers’ so that they are ready to swim in the correct lane and heat in an efficient manner. Heats can be combined if possible. These two volunteers are crucial in keeping the meet running on a timely basis. They should be volunteers that know many of the swimmers by name. Never put a novice volunteer in this position. They should work with someone else prior to doing it on their own.

Starter/Announcer **requires ODSL training
It is the duty of the above to announce and start each race. To determine false starts and keep the meet running smoothly. It is also the duty of this person to set-up the starter system prior to the meet and to properly box up the system at the end of the meet.

Head Timer
It is the duty of the above to assign lanes so that there is at least one timer from each 
team in each lane, to review proper timing procedures with the timers before the start of the meet, and to conduct a practice timing session. To take over for any timer whose watch fails to start or otherwise malfunctions during a race.

It is the duty of the above to arrive at the meet on time and be ready for the Head Timers instructions prior to the start of the meet. Timers should report to their team area to receive their watch and then to listen for the announcement of where to report and when. They are to start their watch when the bullhorn sounds and stop their watch when the swimmer in their lane reaches the wall. If a watch malfunctions or fails to start, that timer should raise their hand to notify the head timer of the problem. Timers shall record all three times on the time card and indicate the official time.

  •  When three timers are timing per lane, the official time is the middle time of the three, unless two times are identical, in which case that time is the official time

  • When two timers are timing per lane the official time is the average of the two times. Each lane will have Heat Winner Ribbons that should be given out at each heat to the winner of the individual heat. One timer in each lane should designate himself or herself as the distributor of this ribbon

Relay Takeoff Judges
It is the duty of these judges to make sure that a relay swimmer does not take off prematurely.

Ribbon Writers
It is the duty of these volunteers to receive the event cards from the scorers table and to properly designate the ribbons for each swimmer. Again with some teams being computerized you may not need as many volunteers if you are using computer generated labels.

The duty of these two volunteers is to pick-up the event cards, before each race, from the swimmers and to take them to the timers in the correct order. After each race they are to pick-up the cards from the timers and take them to the scorers table. This takes two people to keep the cycle working properly.

Meet Set-up Crew
It is the duty of this group of volunteers to come early or set-up the meet the night before. They will be provided a layout of the pool area and should be familiar with where equipment is. They will set-up tables, chairs, and backstroke flags and rearrange any pool furniture that needs it a minimum of 45 minutes prior to warm-ups beginning.

Meet Clean-up Crew
It is the duty of this group of volunteers to stay at the conclusion of the meet to take down the backstroke flags, pick-up any trash that the teams missed, put all tables and chairs away and return the pool furniture to its proper places.

Age Group Coordinator

This position is responsible for working with an assigned age group (i.e. 6 and under, 7-8, 9-10, 11-12. 13 and up). *You will be given a meet sheet for your age group. You will need to make sure all the kids are sitting within their age group.You take roll at the beginning of the meet. You then will have kids lined up for their races during the meet. It helps if this person is familiar with many of the kids in the age group you are volunteering. You are required to stay until the end of the meet and/or until all the swimmers in your age group have finished. This position is required at both home and away meets. We need 6 to 7 age group coordinators per meet.



Work at the concession stand during meets, grilling, and/or selling food. This position is run in shifts and we always make sure you are able to watch your child swim. This position is only required at home meets.


Food/Ice Pick-up:

You will be given items to pick up for the concessions table, such as ice, donuts, coffee, etc.  You will purchase the items and then submit for a reimbursement.  Only needed for home meets.


Computer Operator

Focused computer operator to sit near Starter and Referee to make sure timers reset after each heat. Works closely with the Team Manager. We need 2/3 people for this job. This position is only required at home meets. Position requires in-house training.