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The “Riptide” group consists of 10 years old and under,  “Tidal Wave” consists of ages 11-13, and  "Tsunami" consists of ages 14+.  
Pricing is as follows:
Pricing is the same rate per hour for all groups, but the older swimmers will have more time in the water to fit developmental needs.
There is a $50 registration fee that covers the creation of your teamunify account, 2 team caps, and YMCA swim registration for your swimmer.
Once you finish that, you will also be given a link to go and register for USA Swimming which will allow access to USA meets.
Please contact [email protected] f or more information on registration or any financial information!
All swimmers will be divided into lanes based on experience/skill. Lane assignment is subject to change based on coach’s discretion, as the goal is to provide each athlete with appropriate and challenging practices based on their needs.