Age Group III
The Age Group III program is designed for all swimmers new to the sport or individuals using swimming as conditioning for another sport in the off-season. The Age Group III's focus is on developing proper stroke mechanics (butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke, and freestyle), the introduction of starts and turns, balanced with building a base for endurance training for competition racing in meets.
Age Group II
The Age Group II Program will continue to build upon the swimming base and explore new training thresholds and qualifying time standard meets (Y Regionals/PNS silver times). Swimmers in these groups will further build endurance and begin working on goal setting with their coaches. Another important focus for this group is making sure swimmers are having fun while working hard, learning to enjoy both the challenges and achievements they experience in the sport of swimming. Placement into the Age Group II Program is at the coach's discretion.
Age Group I
The Age Group I Program will continue to build upon the swimming base and explore new training thresholds and qualifying time standard meets. Swimmers will be taught the importance of details in the sport of swimming without losing the balance of hard efforts and fun.  Placement into the Age Group I Program is at the coach's discretion.
Pre-Senior Group
The Pre-Senior program is geared towards swimmers committed to prepare for future Senior or High School competitions at regional and national levels. Pre-Senior swimmers regularly compete in swim meets and travel meets and are expected to attend the highest level of championship meets to achieve qualifying times.  Build on their ability to dolphin kick off all walls in a streamline position, dryland workouts, pace clock management, learn more advanced race strategy, goal setting, and time management.
Senior II
The Senior II program trains at the highest level of volume and intensity provided by the SVYA program. Swimmers in this group focus on state and national level competition and are expected to make a high level of commitment to training. Careful attention is still given to technique, but an equal emphasis is placed on learning how to train. The training in this group includes morning and afternoon sessions, as well as dryland.  
Senior I
The Senior I Program is for the swimmers with goals of college swimming or national level qualifying times.  Members of this group have selected swimming as their primary activity for at least three training years. Members of this group have the ability to do double workouts during the school year and the attendance to handle peak training loads. Swimmers should have championship-level standards and are required to attend practice six days a week. Placement into the Senior I Program is at the coach's discretion.