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The Skagit Valley YMCA is known for its strong aquatics program and swim team throughout the decades. Since 1986, the Chinooks have competed and produced multiple national level swimmers, and have competed at the YMCA national championships nearly every year since 2001 under the coaching of Jim Cornforth. At its peak, the team had upwards of 120+ swimmers practicing at the old Fulton location and has always been a strong competitive force in the PSSA and YMCA sanctioning bodies.

Coming back from the shutdowns and coaching transitions, SVYA has made great progress in rebuilding and returning to its former prominence in the PSSA league and has branched out into the USA Swimming field, becoming dually endorsed as a YMCA and USA Swimmming swim team.


Many swimmers have grown through this team to become happy and successful in and out of the pool. The key is maintaining a positive atmosphere and keeping swimming fun while working hard. Whenever there is a great success story, there are positive people and teammates supporting each other and providing these opportunities to shine.







Mission Statement
Create and cultivate a passion of swimming that leads to enjoyment, success, and longevity.

Vision Statement
The mission of SVY Aquatics is to provide a positive and inclusive learning environment that provides participants the opportunity to have fun while growing as competitive swimmers and healthy leaders.

Coaches, swimmers, and families each have important roles to play in the development of our athletes. While what we do to support the team may look different, from swimmers attending workouts to parents volunteering as timers, our team is at its very best when participation is high.


Core Values
SVYA follows and shapes its program around the YMCA's four core values:

  • Caring
  • Honesty
  • Respect
  • Responsibility

To create a positive, inclusive, safe, and supportive learning environment free of negativity, bias, and disrespect while developing successful people, not just successful swimmers.

Having fun, developing and mastering technique, and strength and conditioning work all play crucial roles in the development of a swimmer. The goal of the SVYA program is to provide modern and high quality practices that provide those three pillars of healthy athletism to our youth. This promotes not only physical health, but also mental, emotional, and social wellbeing.