Carol Mochkatel - Head Coach

Coach Carol Mochkatel has been involved with swimming her whole life as a swimmer, coach, and swim parent.  Carol graduated from the University of Washington, majoring in Japanese Language and Regional Studies. 

She has coached swimmers from beginning levels to YMCA Nationals, USA Swimming Junior and Senior Nationals, and International level competitions.  Coach Carol started her coaching career at the Mission Viejo Nadadores, a team that has won 47 National Team Championships, 20 Olympic medals and has broken 22 World Records.  Upon moving to the area, she has found ongoing success with local swimmers leading to competitions at YMCA Nationals, USA Swimming Jr. Nationals/Winter Nationals, US Open, and International competition. 

Coach Carol also has extensive international experience with swimmers from former East Germany, Polish Federation, and Thailand.   She recently coached an athlete to the Philippine Junior National Team, traveling with him to the Philippines and Cambodia for training and competitions with the team.  Additionally, she is currently serving as a Technical Advisor for the "I Can Swim" program through Swimming Canada, the governing body of swimming in Canada.  This program covers swimming from beginning to pre-national.  

As an American Swimming Coaches Association, Level 3 Coach Carol strongly believes in continued education/learning for coaches, swimmers and parents.

Her coaching philosophy is: "I firmly believe in developing technically correct swimming from the youngest to the most elite swimmer while preparing swimmers for life and success in and out of the pool, with a strong sense of team and sportsmanship."

Coach Carol continues to swim five days a week.  You can email Coach Carol at [email protected].

Jenn Radford - Head Age Group Coach

Jenn has a profound love of the water and has been involved in the sport of swimming since she was a child. She joined a club swim team at a young age and continued swimming competitively through college. There is something about the peacefulness of the water combined with the challenges of swimming that has captivated her from the moment she jumped into the pool!

Her love of swimming led her to start teaching lessons as a summer job in high school, and since then, she has taught and coached in various settings. Prior to coming to SVY Aquatics, Jenn was the Head Coach of a USA team in Colorado and previously worked as a Lead Coach for a large USA team in Texas. In addition to her experience with club swimming, Jenn also has been involved in learn-to-swim lesson programming, coaching adult triathlon and Masters swimmers, coaching summer league and Special Olympics teams.

She received her Bachelor's degree in Recreation Administration with Minors in Exercise Science & Special Education, as well as her Master's degree in Exercise Science from Texas State University.

Jenn's priority as a coach is to give her swimmers the opportunity for growth, development, and success. She believes that supporting individuals in achieving these things while being a part of a team requires an environment where all swimmers have appropriate training and quality instruction. She prioritizes teaching and enforcing proper technique and stroke mechanics, as those areas can severely limit or enhance a swimmer's long-term achievements. She also values the fact that swimming offers the opportunity for growth and success outside of the pool. There are so many life lessons that can be learned through sport, and Jenn is thrilled to take on the challenge of not only building up individuals as athletes but also as successful human beings!

You can email Coach Jenn at [email protected].