Weyerhaeuser Aquatic Center

Address: 650 SW Campus Dr, Federal Way, WA 98023

Experienced Parent Tip: This facility is where our State Swim Meet will be hosted. The facility is expansive in size and it could be easy to get lost. While there is a large amount of parking, it will fill up quickly so please arrive early if possible and give yourself a lot of patience finding a parking spot. Some may go as far as to drop off their swimmer, and park at a neighboring business blocks away. When you arrive at the facility there are signs everywhere indicating the potential of car prowlers and the pool holds no responsibility. There had in fact been reports that this is a common enough occurrence that please be advised to not leave any valuables in the car. 

Once inside the facility there will be an information desk that can help you locate the locker rooms. Seating is stadium style seating. There are accommodations for handicapped individuals.

The locker rooms, lockers are the style that require coins in order to lock. Prepare your swimmer with quarters. Your athlete will be able to take their items on the pool deck with them, but if you bring a separate bag for their dry clothes you may want to have them lock it up to minimize the amount of stuff they need to be responsible for on the pool deck.

There are concessions, though the food options in the past were limited and expensive for what it was. Packing extra food for your athlete is always a good idea.

As a parent you will not be able to go onto the pool deck.

Parents from our team try to sit in one general area for support and comradery just above where our athletes were on the pool deck so if our kids needed to talk to us they could try to get someone's attention. Last year this happened to be on the far left hand side of the pool as you entered through the main doors of the facility. Look for the Chinook's red shirts.

This particular meet can be confusing to watch as a spectator as they have heats going in two separate pools. Our coaching team will do their best to make sure your swimmer does not miss their heat, but nearly every parent will tell you that at one point they missed one of their child's races.

The State Meet is a great experience, but it does make for an incredibly long day for the families and athletes. Plan accordingly for dinner and realize that since the event is on a Saturday, by the time you leave the facility,  restaurants will be busy with dinner hour.

On the matter of souvenirs, there will be an opportunity to purchase a shirt that is customized for the day. This can become expensive very fast with all the various decals they can add on the shirt or sweatshirt. If you wish to buy a shirt/sweatshirt for your youth be prepared to spend at min $30 on a T-shirt and roughly $75 on a sweatshirt. If you wait until you leave a lot of the options and sizes may be sold out. If you can arrive early, have your child pick what they want when you first arrive, and then you can order it while waiting between races.