SVFY's Safe Sport Coordinator - Justin Davies                                                    SVFY Safe Sport Representative - Lisa-Marie Gustafson
 [email protected]                                                                                   [email protected]

  USA Swimming Athlete Protection Training                                  SVFY's MAAPP Policy                                            USA Swimming Safe Sport Best Practices   
All non-athlete members of USA Swimming and all adult                             SVFY's Minor Athlete Abuse Protection Policy                           USA Swimming's best practices and Guidelines.
athletes (age 18+) are required to complete the Athlete 
Protection Training. New members will be required to have                         Other Policies -                                                                      Other Policies -
their application form and payment processed by their LSC                         USA SWIMMING ATHLETE PROTECTION POLICIES                    SVFY ACTION PLAN TO PREVENT BULLYING
registrar before they can sign in to complete the course.

 USA Swimming Code of Conduct                               USA Swimming Safe Sport                         USA Swimming Bullying Prevention
The mission of USA Swimming is to encourage participation                        USA Swimming's General website for more information.         Online Course on Bullying Prevention for adults.
and the pursuit of excellence in all aspects of swimming.                                                                                                                                                   

 Carpool Permission Form                                          Competition Permission Form                     Lodging Permission Form
This form is needed for all Minor Athletes traveling to                                 This form is needed for all Minor Athletes traveling                 This form is needed for all Minor Athletes 
practice or team functions with another 18+ Athlete                                   to competition with another 18+ Athlete not within                lodging with another 18+ Athlete not within the same 
not within the same household.                                                                the same household.                                                           household.

This form needs to be completed prior to each season.                                This form needs to be completed prior to each season.           This form needs to be completed prior to each season.

                                           Safe Sport Training for ATHLETES                                                  Safe Sport Training for PARENTS
This course is designated for athletes 12-17 years old

All SVFY Athletes (12 & above) and Parents are encouraged to complete the training

To complete the training for credit be sure to select PNS (Pacific Northwest Swimming)
and then SVFY from the drop-down menu.



When making the decision to report a concern you have, it can often feel intimidating and overwhelming.  Please use these guidelines to help you on the first
step "Where do I report?" Please use the provided links which will additionally help you get in touch with the appropriate people.

Please note that this is not an exhaustive list.  If you are not sure who to contact with a concern please contact Safe Sport Staff at the YMCA Office and we
will be sure to talk through your concern, answer your questions and connect you with the correct people.

SVFY's Safe Sport Coordinator - Justin Davies
[email protected]