Team Fundraisers

Fund Raising: Every family is responsible (during the Fall/Winter season) for a $100.00 minimum commitment in fund raising. The main vehicle that we use for our fund raising is our annual “Swim Up the Skagit”(indoors) event. Swimmers either solicit pledges from friends/family or the family just pays the $100.00. But some have raised significantly more than the $100.00 minimum.

Chinook Swim Team/Parent Group raises money for:

•    Relay entry fees
•    Ribbon awards for home meets
•    Travel expenses for coaches
•    Team caps
•    Relay entry fees
•    Stop watches, kick boards, record board
•    Banquet awards
•    Graduating senior(s) scholarships
•    National competitor’s assistance
•    And other items as decided by the Chinook Swim Team/Parents Club

Fund Raising Events

  • Swim Up the Skagit Swim-A-Thon

Other Fundraising Opportunities

  • Donations
  • Corporate Sponsorships