Who qualifies as a PRE-TEAM member?

  • Pre-Team members are at least 5 years old, but no older than 8 years of age as of June 1.
  • Swimmers must be “swim ready”–willing to get into the water without a parent, put their face in, blow bubbles, and progress to the point of being able to swim 6 meters (to the flags).
  • If your child is not “swim ready”, contact Head Coach Kyle Brown regarding swim lessons. If a child progresses in the lessons, they can be moved to the Pre-Team. 
  • On the first day of Pre-Team practice the coaches will assess swimmers, and provide feedback for proper placement: Team, Pre-Team, or lessons. 
  • Once the season starts, a Pre-Team swimmer can graduate to the swim team when they can swim 25 meters (one length of the pool) in 60 seconds or less without stopping or touching the bottom.


When does the Pre-team practice?

  • The Pre-Team will offer both AM and PM practices:

Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Friday from 11:30 AM – 12:15 PM

Monday/Tuesday/Thursday*/Friday from 5:30 PM – 6:15 PM

  • Pre-Team practice begins Monday, June 17. Please sign-up for the practice time you plan to attend on a regular basis so the team can assign the appropriate number of coaches. The last Practice is July 19.


What should I expect during practice?

  • Swimmers will receive instruction and practice skills as directed by the Head Coach.
  • Swimmers will have the opportunity to kick a length of the pool with the help of a kick-board to strengthen kicking skills.
  • Swimmers will have the opportunity to take a swim test to qualify for the Team. Those swimmers who can swim one length of the pool in less than 60 seconds can swim in the next Wednesday “B” Meet.


What should a Pre-Team swimmer wear to practice?

  • Team swimsuits are available for purchase, but are not mandatory. We will have a swim suit sizing at the team meeting at the Manchester Farm Community Center.
  • A swim cap and goggles are helpful, but are not mandatory at the Pre-Team level. Long hair should be pulled back and secured in a ponytail. Swim caps with the MFST logo are available for purchase at the pool. 
  • Kickboards and noodles are provided for use during practices.


How much does it cost to swim on the Pre-Team?

  • Families of Pre-Team swimmers must be a member of the Manchester Farm Community Pool (by being a Manchester Farm resident or purchasing an outside pool membership). There are absolutely NO EXCEPTIONS to this policy.
  • The Pre-Team registration fee BEFORE MAY 10 is $125 per swimmer, plus a $30 family fee; the fee is $150 per swimmer, plus a $30 family regiatration fee BEGINNING MAY 11. The $30 family fee applies once per family whether the swimmer is on the Pre-team or the swim team.


What are a parent’s responsibilities?

  • Supervise children at all practices and team events, such as socials and meets. Pre-team swimmers MAY NOT be left at the pool or at any MFST events without adult supervision.
  • Check your email and the MFST bulletin board for additional information. 
  • Timers, runners, and ribbon writers require no special training and are always needed. Pre-Team parents are expected to volunteer in these positions to support our Allsopps Mini Champs (formerly the Mini Meet), which is held at the Manchester Farm Community Pool. However, we welcome volunteers at all team meets.


What if I have questions during the season?

  • PLEASE DO NOT approach coaches during practice. This allows coaches to focus their complete and undivided attention on the swimmers. Coaches will be available after practice to answer questions, or you can email Head Coach Kyle Brown at kbrownfirst@yahoo.com. Board members will also be available to assist you. 
  • Additional information can be found on the MFST website.