We will not be holding formal pre-team evaluations for 2021. Swimmers will have through the first week of practice to show their ability to handle the pre-team. If after the first week, it is determined that your child is not at the level for pre-team, we will provide a refund.

Pre-Team is for children 8 and under, who have already mastered the basic swim skills (blowing bubbles, kicking on the wall, putting their face in the water), but need to further develop their swim skills and build confidence.

In order to be on Pre-Team, a swimmer must be able to:

  • Separate from parent and enter water on their own
  • Comfortably make their way across the diving well, unassisted, and without showing signs of distress.
  • Be comfortable in water over 5 feet deep
  • Listen to the coaches

The Pre-Team is coached by Kelly Smink, as well as junior coaches and high school assistants. 

Practices will begin Thursday, June 17, 2021.

Pre-Team practice is held in the morning from 10-10:30AM