OMST will host five home meets this year (three home A meets, two home B meets). Each of these events requires a volunteer workforce that is skilled and trained to do their individual jobs. Together, we make an amazing team that produces an amazing meet and experience for everyone!

There are a lot of jobs. Most of them are incredibly easy to navigate and perform. What's most important is for the jobs to have a reliable volunteer who shows up and completes their job to the best of their ability. The good news is that we will teach you all about it! Below are some answers to the most common questions, and a listing of all of the jobs you have an opportunity to volunteer for. And a big THANK YOU in advance!

How many shifts do I need to sign up for?

Each shift that you volunteer for is one credit (unless otherwise stated). Every family is required to sign up for five (5) volunteer positions.

How do I sign up to fulfill my volunteer responsibilities?

You can register for each volunteer job through Team Unify (our OMST homepage). This allows each volunteer to sign up for a specific job on a specific date for a specific shift. If you have questions or need clarification about any of the volunteer jobs, contact the volunteer coordinator, Lesley Stroot [email protected].

Is there a Volunteer Check this year (2021)?

No, however, if we do not get 100% volunteer parent participation this year, we will have to go back to the $300 check next year. We cannot stress enough the importance of every family completing their five jobs. We cannot have successful meets without your help!

Is there a deadline to sign up for volunteer shifts?

We ask that all volunteers sign-up for the season before the first meet. We recognize that events arise for which you may need to make adjustments to your volunteer sign-up as the season progresses, but we ask that you commit to your assigned date/job to the best of your ability. We hope to minimize last-minute scrambling for volunteers!

How do I get credit for volunteering?

Volunteers will sign in with the volunteer coordinator, Lesley Stroot, once they arrive. Sign-in will be at the gate as you enter the pool before meets.