Coordinator Positions

These positions are bigger jobs and fulfill all, or most, of your volunteer obligations.


Concessions Coordinator: VACANTCounts as 5 jobs.

Coordinates setup of concession stand with food and drinks for five home meets. Helps to breakdown and organize in the closet after meets. Trains concessions volunteers and delegates responsibilities each shift (start of meet and before halftime). Checks-in with volunteers intermittently. Communicates attendance to volunteer coordinator. Picks up orders from Sams Club. Takes inventory of items and notifies volunteer coordinator when supplies are low. Updates menu when necessary. Coordinates delivery of outside food (breakfast sandwiches, Chick-Fil-A, ice) and reimburses volunteers with Paid Out Form. Manages initial bank drawer and lock box from volunteer coordinator. Trains each shift at home meet. Updates an inventory and Buy Sheet for food purchases for the upcoming meet. Distributes free lunch coupons to home and visiting coaches.

Awards Coordinator: VACANTCounts as 3 jobs.

Orders recognition items for the swimmers to be given out at the end of the season banquet. Communicates with coaches about award recipients. Picks up recognition items for distribution. Keeps record of each swimmer and awards received. Coordinates and collects seniors and coaches’ gifts at the end of the season.

Banquet Coordinator: Candance MoxleyCounts as 3 jobs.

Coordinates the end of season banquet. Plans, decorates, solicits volunteers. Sends reminders to banquet volunteers regarding shifts and job assignments. Must attend the entire banquet to oversee the event, troubleshoot any issues.

Ribbon Coordinator: VACANTCounts as 3 jobs.

Sends reminders to ribbon volunteers regarding shifts at upcoming meet. Organizes swimmer folders before first meet. Organizes ribbon items in the guardroom for volunteers. Recycles unused ribbons, sets up for next meet. Trains each shift at every home meet. Ensure the ribbons get filed in swimmers folders during the home meets. Completes certificates for any pool records. Coordinates Best Time program.

Pre-Team Coordinator: Brooke CecilCounts as 5 jobs.

Communicates with parents about pre team practices, requirements, expectations. Verifies registration. Coordinates end of season mini-meet including contacting mini-meet volunteers. Makes sure each pre team swimmer gets an award at the banquet.

Automation: Melissa LaddCounts as 5 jobs.

Uses team software to record swimmer times and heat scoring. Obtain entries from both teams and provide entry printouts to heating area and starters. Prints ribbon labels, event score sheets and final meet summary. Can leave to watch your swimmers' events. Train volunteers in software use, time averaging, result entry. Print ribbon labels and give to ribbon writers. Compute final score, provide meet results to coaches and post on web page.

Team Photographer/Slideshow Coordinator: Matt StrootCounts as 3 jobs.

Takes photos at all swim meets and social events. Takes a variety of photos including swim photos, group photos, pictures around the pool, photos of volunteers, photos of families, candid shots. Collects digital photos from parents. Assembles photos into a ~20 minute slideshow with music for banquet. Obtains slideshow equipment. Attends banquet, presents slideshow.