Volunteer Positions and Responsibilities

Position Responsbilities

(home meets)

Reads names and events from the program prior to each event. Plays music when appropriate. Starts each race with specific phrases. Announces sponsors. No experience is required but need to keep a quick pace. Must be a very timely individual with a very good sense of meet process and able to adjust announcements based on flow of meet.
Assistant Head Timer
(away meets)
Assists the Head Timer.
Prior experience as a timer is required.
Clean Up Return pool to pre-meet condition - lounge chairs back on deck, all meet equipment returned to storage room, take down tents and tarp and return to storage shed, break down concession stand. Assists in a variety of other staging duties in an effort to open the pool to the public.
Clerk of Course Checks in and lines up swimmers prior to their events according to the meet program. The clerk of course does not need to know all of the swimmers in order to do this job. Places swimmers onto benches in appropriate heat and lane order, per meet program and move swimmers to the start blocks at the appropriate time. Has a sense of organization and structure and procedure. Able to stay cool and in control during chaos! No prior experience required.
Concessions Volunteer Set-up tables concession stand. Move food and drink items from the closet and organize items to sell. Exchange money for goods and provide correct change. Provide food and water during hospitality, breakdown and put away concession food and drinks/return are to normal.
Entrance Marshall Montitor the entry gate and direct swimmers / specatators to their designated areas. Entrance Marshall will include either set-up or clean-up, depending on the timeslot.
Head Timer Responsible for assuring that all timers have started their watches at the appropriate time and recorded their times accurately, collecting all time sheets after the race, and providing timers with support as needed. Head Timer also keeps two extra watches for each race
Prior experience as a timer is required.
  • Stroke and Turn
  • Starter
  • Chief Judge
  • Referee

Stroke and Turn - 2 per meet
Starter - Away Meets Only
Chief Judge
Referee - Home Meets Only
Prior MCSL training is required

Ribbon Labeler Responsible for attaching labels to ribbons during the meet. Places ribbons in swimmers file. File OMST ribbons into individual swimmer files. Return all materials to appropriate storage area after the meet. Can leave to watch your swimmer’s events.
Runner Takes event cards from each timer once time is recorded. Delivers event cards to the scoring table. This is a fast paced job, you are on your feet and moving during your shift.
Computer Operator, Scorer, Verifier Home: Enters times into computer, verifies times entered, posts results
Away: Works alongside automation coordinator from other pool. Reads swimmer times from lane timer sheets to the data entry person, verifies times entered.
Setup Sets up the pool deck in preparation for home meet. Hangs banners. Sets up sound system. Organizes Clerk of Course area. Organizes chairs for spectators. Sets up concession stand. Check bathrooms for supplies and cleanliness. 
Timer Attend timer briefing 30 minutes prior to start of meet. Start the watch at the start of the race and stop it when the swimmer touches the wall. Operate stopwatch. Record time(s) on appropriate sheet and pass it to the runner. You get the best seat in the house with this job! No experience is required.