2021 Swim Team Committee

The Olney Mill Swim Team leadership consist of two A representatives, two B representatives, and a swim team coordinator. All five members, along with the Automater make up the Swim Team Committee. The Committee will oversee the swim team, represent the best interests of the swimmers, and vote on team matters with input from all swim team families.

To reach any member of the Swim Team Committee, please email: [email protected]


A REPS: Julia Mutter & Kelly Velasquez

The role of the A Reps is to act as a liaison between the Montgomery County Swim League (MCSL), our division, the team and families. They also support the coaching staff, manage A meets, communicate with parents, swimmers, and coaches.


B REPS: Megan Troidl

The role of the B reps is to manage team B meets, support the A reps and coaches, and work together with families and swimmers to ensure success.