Q. Is my child ready for the swim team?

We welcome all Rockshire members aged 6-18 who can swim one (1) length of the pool, legally and unassisted, in 1 of the 4 swim strokes (i.e., freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly).  If your child cannot make it across one (1) length of the pool, then he or she should join pre-team.  For children who do not qualify for pre-team due to age restrictions, please consult with the A-Reps ([email protected]). 


Q.  How often are practices?

We hold practices every day Monday through Friday.  From Memorial Day until public schools let out, we hold one practice a day.  After public schools let out, we have morning and afternoon practices.  We generally expect every swimmer to attend at least one practice a day.  (We would love it if you come to two practices a day.)

Q.  What happens if my daughter has soccer practice on Tuesday night and can't make it to swim practice that night?

We understand that there may be conflicts until public school gets out.  It is ok to miss a swim practice for your soccer practice, etc.  However, please understand that the more you come to swim practice, the better you will become and the more connected you will feel to the team.  Once school lets out, we offer two practices per day and expect you to make at least one practice per day.

 Q.  What if it is raining or cold?

We will hold practice unless the pool staff has closed the pool.  Some children (especially young and thin children) can be miserable on cold, rainy days.  It is ok to keep them home, as we want all children to love swim team.  Because attendance tends to be lighter on rainy / cold days, the swimmers will get more individual attention. 

Q.  I swim for a year round club whose practices conflict with Rockshire practices.  What should I do?

We are glad that you swim with a year round club and we appreciate that it is important to you and to your club coach that you attend those practices.  You may count those practices towards your daily practice requirement.  HOWEVER, we expect you to attend a least one (1) Rockshire practice a week.


Q. What is Time Trials?

Time Trials is a practice meet for all swimmers on the team.  Everyone should attend Time Trials whether it is their first year on the team or they have qualified for the Olympics.  Swimmers should swim in all of the events that he or she can swim legally (even if he or she doesn't like the strokes).  Time Trials is a good chance for parents to practice "volunteering" as well.  Please volunteer to help at Time Trials.

Q.  When are the swim meets?

We have a dual meet every Wednesday night and Saturday morning.

  Q.  Which meets will my child be in?

Almost everyone swims on Wednesday nights.  On Saturday mornings, only the swimmers with the fastest times swim (typically 6-8 swimmers in each age group).  The line up can change from week to week based on performance, vacation schedules, injuries, etc.  You may swim one Saturday but not the next.

  Q.  How do I sign up for Wednesday meets?

For Wednesday night meets, you must sign up via Team Unify (this site) by Sunday night.  If you don't sign up, you will not be allowed to swim in the meet.  You may be prohibited from swimming certain strokes.

Q.  How do I sign up Saturday meets?

You must check in for the meet via Team Unify (this site).  You should do this for all the Saturday meets now. You should do this even if you do not expect to swim in Saturday meets.  For Saturday morning meets, the coaches create the line up.  The line up is meant to produce the strongest team as possible.  Generally, 6-8 swimmers per age group swim on Saturday mornings.  The coaches will post the line up at the pool on Thursday afternoon before the meet.  Please remember to check the line up each Thursday, as the line up can change every week.  VERY IMPORTANT:  The coaches cannot make changes to the line up after Thursday.  If you do not show up, you are costing the team points and excluding another child who may appreciate the opportunity to swim on a Saturday morning. 

  Q. Why won't the coaches let my child swim breaststroke or butterfly in a Wednesday night meet?

If the coaches believe that the swimmer can swim the stroke legally, the coaches will allow the swimmers to compete in these events.  Swimmers shouldn't race while learning how to swim these strokes.  The focus should be on proper technique even if it means swimming slow and outside of competition.  Additionally, disqualifications slow down the meet.

  Q.  Which swimmers are precluded from swimming on Wednesday night?

If a swimmer finishes first or second among the Rockshire swimmers in their age group in the Saturday morning meet, he or she cannot swim that event at the next Wednesday meet.  In addition, if a swimmer has one of the two fastest times for the season in an event, he or she cannot swim that event in the Wednesday meets.

  Q.  How will I find out if my swimmer is swimming on Saturday morning?

The line up will be emailed out on Thursday afternoon and posted on the bulletin board at Thursday afternoon practice.  Please check the board each week, as the line up does change.

  Q.  What if we are going to miss a Saturday meet?

Don't!!!  We need all of our swimmers at all of our meets.  The season is short.  Consider taking your vacation after the season.  However, if you don't follow this sage advice, please make sure you check out of the meets you plan to miss using Team Unifty (this site) ASAP.  Please remember that the coaches cannot make changes to the line up after Thursday.  If you don't show up, you are costing the team points and excluding another child who may appreciate the opportunity to swim on a Saturday morning.