Welcome to the East Longmeadow Marlins

Team Philosophy


As a team, we strive to develop well-rounded athletes who can continue to enjoy success throughout their career.  The program places a strong emphasis on technique, which helps swimmers improve and avoid injuries.  Swimmers will also learn to develop good practice habits and how to function as part of a team.  Training is an important aspect of our program, as we work towards improving the physical fitness of our swimmers.  Workouts are intended to be challenging and improve swimmers self-confidence as they overcome obstacles and meet their goals both as individuals and as a group.  As swimmers advance, they will begin to gain a greater understanding of how training works, and they will be asked to take a more personal role in their development.  Older swimmers will also learn important skills such as race planning and strategy.  Improvement is the number one focus for coaches.  Hard work is essential but is not our only focus.  Practice and meets are also a great opportunity to meet new friends and have fun. Within the context of workouts, the coaching staff endeavors to keep a fun, positive attitude.  Swimmers will also benefit from learning about goal setting and how to handle adversity.  Another skill that swimmers will develop to help them throughout their life is time management.  The Marlin's Swim Team is a program that has benefit for any young athlete.  The coaches are looking forward to the season and we hope you are too!