Welcome to the Brookside Hurricanes Summer Swim team, a proud member of the Prince William Swim League since 2008. The Hurricanes are located within the Brookside Community in Warrenton, Virginia. Our team is made up of approximately 200 swimmers ages 5-18, amazing coaches, and many, many, dedicated parents and volunteers. The Hurricanes are a force to be reckoned with, having earned division titles in 2016(Yellow), 2013(Yellow), 2011(Green), and 2010(Black). While we strive to win, our team philosophy promotes sportsmanship, discipline, positive attitudes, and fun in a family-focused environment. We welcome swimmers of all abilities, and firmly believe that many life lessons are taught through membership on the team. If you would like more information about the Hurricanes Swim Team including how to join, please use the "CONTACT US" feature located on this Home page. GO HURRICANES!


In dual meets, which is a meet consisting of two teams (weeks 1-6),  awards for each age group shall consist of 1st, 2nd and 3rd place ribbons for relays and 1st through 12th place ribbons for individual events. In addition, ribbons will be awarded to the top 12 legal finishes for 6 and Under swimmers in Back and Free.


In Divisional Championship Tri Meets (week 7), a meet consisting of three teams, (last meet of the season), awards shall be awarded for 1st through 24th place for individual events and 1st through 4th for relay events.  After completion of all Divisional Championship Meets, results will be combined within the 24-team league and special achievement ribbons will be awarded for the fastest 24 times for each individual event.


In case of ties, both winners shall receive the same award.

For additional information on ribbons, scoring and other league rules and regulations, please consult the PWSL League Bylaws.



June 9 - Team Time Trials 

June 16 -  DVS 2991.5 BHST 2156.5

June 23 - VL - 2670.5 BHST 2426.5

June 30 - KBSL 2889  BHST 2293

July 7 - WDST 2763.5  BHST 2413.5

July 14 -  BHST 2711.5   VSOD 2073.5

July 21 - BHST 2450.5  LM 1711.5

July 28 - DCST 3993.5  BHST 3786  MMST   3490.5