This tab contains embedded Google Satellite images for the Meadowbrook pool (for our guests), as well as for each of the pools at which the Makos may swim during the summer seasons.

For our visiting teams, below you will see a graphic of our pool area showing how we set up for meets. Both teams set up their tents, etc., outside of the fenced area of the pool. As the visiting team, your team area is located in the grassy circular area immediately across from our clubhouse and the concessions area. Please observe all parking and traffic restrictions in our community. When parking in a legal space along any street in our community (i.e., not in the pool parking lot) please park with all four tires of your vehicle off of the road surface.  If you have any questions, please contact the Makos Meet Manager before the day of the meet, or a parking marshal (wearing a safety vest) on meet day.