The Meadowbrook Woods Swim Team was established under the Virginia State Corporation Commission in 2017 (although existing previously as a Swim Club since 1999) to sponsor and provide an opportunity to participate in competitive swimming within the community. Our mission has always been to provide a safe and fun environment for swimmers of all experience levels to learn proper swimming techniques, good sportsmanship and experience team competition. We stress individual improvement within the framework of the team setting.


Governing Procedures 


1. A Board of Directors shall govern the team. The Board of Directors shall be comprised of seven voting members designated as the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Director for Communications, Director for Computing and Statistics, and Director for Meet Operations. Each member of the Board shall have specified responsibilities, and shall provide oversight of any committees and/or individuals deemed necessary by the Board for the effective and efficient functioning of the Board and team. No one person shall hold more than one position on the Board of Directors. The Board shall meet monthly throughout the year, unless it is otherwise determined by a vote of six of the seven board members to not meet for one month. The Board shall not cancel meetings in any two consecutive months. A quorum of five Board members is required to conduct any Board meetings.


2. A member of the Board shall serve in the additional capacity of League Representative, as determined by a simple majority vote of the Board.


3. The President shall provide overall leadership of the Board. The President, with input from other members of the Board, shall determine the agenda for each Board meeting, shall chair all Board meetings, and shall establish and maintain a good working relationship with the Board of the Meadowbrook Woods Home Owners Association (the HOA Board).


4. The Vice President shall serve as a principle advisor to the President, and shall lead and chair Board meetings in the absence of the President. The Vice President shall also establish and maintain a good working relationship with the HOA Board. The Vice President shall serve as the principle liaison of the swim team Board to the Pool Committee of the HOA Board, and shall make him/herself available to the Pool Committee as required to keep a good relationship with that committee. The Vice President may chair committees as designated by the Board.


5. The Treasurer shall provide oversight of all fund raising and financial management activities. The Treasurer may solicit volunteers from among the parents and guardians of team members to assist in fund raising, including the formation and leading of committees as necessary. The Treasurer shall maintain all necessary financial management and tax files, receive and manage all income from all sources, manage all payments and other disbursements, manage all banking accounts and investments, manage all insurance programs, and inform the Board of all issues related to compliance with insurance policies. The treasurer shall be prepared to present a current financial statement and any relevant analysis at each Board meeting and whenever otherwise requested by the President. All payments and other disbursements shall be approved by the Board. Approval for recurring payments may be granted in advance by the Board. The Treasurer may recommend the purchase of financial management systems and software as required supporting him/her in the performance of official duties.


6. The Secretary shall manage and retain all official files and records of the Board and swim team, with the exception of financial management files maintained by the Treasurer. The Secretary shall record and maintain minutes of all Board meetings. The Secretary shall, at the direction of the President, or in his/her absence the Vice President, prepare a printed agenda and meeting minutes of the most recent Board meeting for distribution at each Board meeting. The Secretary shall receive and present to the President for approval, all requests for time and issues to be placed on the agenda of Board meetings. The Secretary may be reimbursed for reasonable printing/copying expenses.


7. The Director of Communications shall provide all official communications from the Board to team members, parents/guardians, and other supporters of the team. The Director of Communications shall manage the team website, newsletter, email lists and accounts, and any other form of media or mass communication used by the team. The Director of Communications shall evaluate and advise the Board and employees of the team regarding the use of new and emerging forms of communication (social media, messaging, etc.) The Director of Communications shall, at the direction of the Board, provide regular communications year-round to keep team members, families, and sponsors informed, interested, and supportive of the team. The Director of Communications may solicit volunteer parents/guardians to assist in the performance of his/her duties.


8. The Director of Computing and Statistics shall serve as the chief computer operator and automation specialist for the team. This Director shall remain informed of all league policies and procedures regarding the use of computing and management of information relevant to the conduct of the league and meets. This Director shall coordinate as necessary with his/her counterparts on other teams to exchange and manage data necessary for the conduct of meets. This Director shall, at the request of other Board members, provide statistics and analysis to support the management of the team and Board functions. This Director may solicit volunteers to assist in his/her duties during meets.


9. The Director of Meet Operations shall serve as the Meet Manager for all meets. This Director shall maintain a list of all volunteer positions required to run a meet, shall train volunteers as required, and shall be responsible for managing all team equipment used in meets and practices. This Director may solicit volunteers to assist in meet management and equipment management. This Director should coordinate with the Director of Communications to communicate meet volunteer needs in a timely and effective manner throughout the season. This Director shall coordinate with the Head Official regarding the recruitment and training of meet officials (stroke and turn, referee, starter).


10. Directors shall serve for a term of one season beginning the third Monday in August through the third Sunday in August of the following year. Serving Directors may volunteer to serve for successive seasons. Volunteers will fill all Director positions. All Board members and volunteers for the Board shall be the parents or legal guardians of a swimmer who will be a member of the team in the upcoming season. No distinction shall be made regarding eligibility to serve on the Board with respect to residency in or outside of Meadowbrook Woods. The HOA Board shall not have the authority to influence Board membership. The Board shall not appoint any individuals to fill any vacancies on the Board. Volunteers for all positions shall be solicited beginning on the Monday following the final dual meet of the year, and all persons wishing to volunteer for the board shall do so no later than one week following the Divisional meet.


11.  Board Elections will be held if more than one person volunteers to serve in any one position, selection will be determined by a majority vote of the member families of the team. The board of election officials will notify the candidates on the guidelines for campaigning before the election. Each family shall have one vote in such elections. In the event that an election is required for one or more positions, the election shall be conducted by email or text ballot, or otherwise as determined by the Board, beginning one week following the Divisional meet, and shall be concluded no later than the third Sunday in August. Any correspondence between a candidate and the board election officials shall be sent to ALL board election officials and the other candidate (s). If any of the candidates are currently serving on the board, their access to any/all Makos resources (website, etc) should be suspended until after the election.   The winner of any election for any position shall be determined by a majority vote of those casting votes by the deadline.  Specific dates and times relative to the solicitation of volunteers to serve on the Board and election periods shall be published in a timely and effective manner so as to ensure an equal and informed opportunity to all who desire to participate. All communications and oversight of the Board volunteer and election process shall be managed by a committee comprised of the President, Vice President, and Director of Communications and all results shall be reported in writing to the entire Board within 48 hours of the conclusion of the election period.


12. Decisions by the Board of Directors, except where otherwise specified in these By-laws, will based upon a simple majority rule. Each Director will have one vote in all decisions affecting the team. No proxy votes are permitted. A quorum shall consist of at least five members of the Board.


13. Board meetings may be attended by other parents, volunteers, community members or other interested parties. Such parties are permitted to listen to the board meetings but may not participate in discussions or attempt influence decision making unless they have requested to address the board prior to the meeting and received the approval of the President (or Vice President in his/her absence) to do so. Ideally, individuals desiring to address any issues to the board should do so in writing (email or letter), or by contacting the Secretary to request time on the agenda and the approval of the President several days before the Board meeting. Board members who, in the conduct of their official duties, manage or oversee other volunteers, and who desire to have those volunteers speak to the board, shall coordinate with the Secretary for sufficient time on the agenda to do so in advance of the board meeting. At the discretion of the President, the Board may meet in executive session with only the voting members of the board present, typically when sensitive matters are being discussed.


14. The Board of Directors will charter committees to meet the needs of the team and board.

Standing committees will include, but not be limited to, Awards, Social Activities, Concessions, and Fund Raising. A Director shall be designated by the Board to oversee each committee. The Board of Directors may charter ad hoc committees as the need arises to advise the Board or to perform special functions.


15.   Board members may not have their children be hired as either the Head or Assistant Coach for the Meadowbrook Woods Swim Team.   Board Members may have children hired into a Junior Assistant (swimmer) Coach position so long as 1) they recuse themselves from hiring and employment related decisions related to their child, including wages, and 2) any issues which may arise related to the performance of their child in that role will be brought to the attention of another (non-parent) Board member by the Head Coach immediately to be addressed.   If a situation arises for which the BOD member is unable to remain objective or a conflict of interest is determined, the board member will be required to step down from their position and a new volunteer will be solicited. Mini-mako volunteer coaches may be children of BOD members; however, those Board members must recuse themselves from selection decisions for available volunteer coaching positions.


16.  Board members may serve for up to three consecutive years in the same position.


17. These By-Laws may be amended with the approval of six members of the Board of Directors. Alternatively, amendments may be made with the approval of a two-thirds majority in a vote of all the member families. Approved by-laws shall be freely distributed and posted to all appropriate web sites and other media.


Swim Team Membership


1.  The families of Meadowbrook Woods are eligible to join the swim team.


2.  The Board of Directors will determine the eligibility of families from outside the neighborhood, in consultation with the HOA Board.


3.  For any child to participate on this competitive team, competency in swimming is required. The Board of Directors will determine competency requirements.


4.  A program for the development of swimmers not meeting initial competency requirements may be established by the Board, in consultation with the HOA Board.


Swim Team League Participation


1.  The eligibility of a swimmer to participate in Prince William Swim League events shall be governed by the League Competitor Eligibility requirements.


2.  All swim meets shall be run in accordance with the League Rules and Procedures.


3.  All arrangements for home swim meets, including but not limited to scheduling, facilities cleaning and management, guard staffing, and accommodation of home owner concerns during meets, shall be addressed in a timely and effective manner with the HOA Board.


Team Individual and Relay Records


The Director of Computing and Statistics shall maintain an up-to-date set of records on the best performances of the team swimmers established in League competition.


Coaching Staff


1. Coaching staff shall consist of one paid regular season head coach, one or more non-swimming (High School graduate) paid assistant coaches, and a limited number of paid swimmer coaches.   The number and ratio of assistant coaches and swimmer coaches shall be determined by the Board each season, taking into consideration the size and composition of the registered swim team participants.  Off season coaching staff will be determined by the Board at its discretion.


2. All paid coaches are considered to be employees of the Board. The head coach, assistant coaches, and swimmer coaches will be given specific duty descriptions and performance expectations, to include specific supervisory responsibilities and expectations for the head coach.


3. The Board will establish procedures for soliciting and interviewing candidates for the position of head coach, and for determining and negotiating salary and other negotiable issues, including the selection of assistant coaches and swimmer coaches.


4. The head and assistant coaches shall receive a flat salary, as determined and approved by the Board, which shall be paid in three installments at the first, fourth and following the divisional meet.   At the Board’s discretion, a bonus may be granted to these staff, provided they have achieved pre-established performance incentive criteria, paid after the season has concluded.   Swimmer coaches will be paid an hourly rate, as determined and approved by the Board, which shall be paid on a monthly basis (first week of the month following verification of hours worked in the preceding month).   Rates for off-season coaching will be paid on an hourly basis, as determined and approved by the Board, and paid on a monthly basis (first week of the month following verification of hours worked in the preceding month).


5.The Head Coach and Assistant Coaches may not be immediate relatives of board members.  


6.Swimmer coaches (Junior Assistant Coaches or JACs) must be age 16 or older; exceptions may be made (by vote of the Board) to the age requirement when staffing needs must be met to conduct effective team operations.  This includes staffing for any off-season swim program which may be offered.





1. The Treasurer shall solicit input from the Board and prepare an estimated annual budget for the consideration and approval of the Board no later than December of each year.


2. Board members who provide oversight of committees, individuals, or functions which generate or expend funds shall assist the Treasurer by providing estimates based on prior year trends and other relevant factors.


3.Purchases over $500 require a minimum of 3 estimates.




Volunteers are the lifeblood of the swim team, and are absolutely essential for its success. In order to emphasize the importance of volunteers in the functioning of the swim team, the Board should consider measures to continuously recognize contributions in time, effort and materiel by volunteers. Recognition may come in various forms to include mention in communications, recognition during meets, recognition at end-of-season parties, etc.


Relations with the Community


1. The Makos swim team is a function sanctioned to operate within the Meadowbrook Woods community by the Homeowners Association. It is important for all team members, employees, families, and the Board to conduct themselves with decorum at all times in the community, reflecting a respect for all community residents, property, and rules.


2. The Board shall maintain specific relationships with the HOA Board, principally through the continuous engagement of the Board President and Vice President. A HOA Board liaison from the swim team to the HOA Board may be appointed to assist in Board-to-Board relations. The Vice President shall also maintain a specific relationship with the HOA Board Pool Committee. Coaches shall be provided with specific guidance regarding community relations, and will be expected to exercise good judgment in leading the team.