Setting Up:  Visiting teams may set up in the grassy area in the circle in front of the clubhouse and concessions. We will close the parking area and create a walkway for safe passage to the circle. There will be a speaker there so that your team can hear all announcements. This area provides great shade. We are not allowed on the tennis courts or the pool deck for any swim team set-up.  Please gather all belongings and pick up all trash before leaving.

Viewing:  There is roaming/standing only viewing at the back end of the pool, behind the yellow tape.  Spectators are welcome to watch through the fence and stand and watch at the shallow end of the pool.  We ask that no spectators be present at the start and finish ends of the pool as it gets very crowded and interferes with both the swimmers and the timers/recorders/runners.  No tent, chairs/family area set-up is allowed on the deck.