On behalf of the entire Montclair Seahawks Swim Team, I would like to welcome your team to our pool at Southlake Recreation Association in Montclair. The pool is located at 5070 Higgins Drive, the corner of Southlake Boulevard and Higgins Drive in Montclair (Dumfries).

There is no parking or stopping along Southlake Boulevard.

1. Main parking will be in the Southlake Rec Association lot. Parking is in marked spots only, no parking along curbs anywhere onsite. Parking marshals will close the lot when full. Each team will have two reserved spots in the lot and handicap spots will be available. Once the lot is full, meet attendees may drop off swimmers and gear on the curb. Overflow parking is available in the parking lots behind Forest Park High School (map below). This parking is only 1000 ft from the pool on foot and closer than most street parking. 

There is no stopping or parking along Southlake Blvd, and no parking is available on the streets past Higgins. There is limited street parking available on Higgins, Renton, Breeze Way, and Windward. We ask that meet attendees are polite and respectful of our hosts in the Southlake Association and their private property, to ensure we are invited back.


2. Home team pop-ups will be in the front lawn of the clubhouse. Visitor popups will be along the fence outside the deck. Please do not put popups across any trails or sidewalks. Overflow tent space will be in the large field adjacent to the parking lot.

In addition to coach pop-ups on deck (provided), we will provide two VIP pop-up spots on deck for the visiting team to use as they like - raffle, sell, use as incentives, etc.

3. Playgrounds, tennis courts, and basketball are for the exclusive use of Southlake members and are off limits to meet attendees.

4. We will provide space near concessions and the main gate for visitor swimmer/volunteer check-in.

5. Spectators will have ample space to stand and watch around the turn end of the deck and in the open spaces around the pool. We ask spectators to avoid coach tents and relay organizing areas. 8 and under starts will be on the opposite end of the pool and access to this area will be restricted during 8 and under events. Spectators are not allowed in clerk of course areas and should avoid the starting areas. Absolutely no photography is allowed from behind the starting area.

6. Clerk of course is located in the corner of the deck farthest from the gate, behind the start area and adjacent to the deep end of the pool. Scoring, ribbons, and computers are inside the clubhouse, accessible from near the kiddie pool on deck or from the front porch of the clubhouse.

7. Restrooms are in the pool locker rooms.


Our concessions team will be very busy to make sure there is plenty of coffee and donuts starting at 6:00 AM.

We will not be printing heat sheets; they should be available for email or download.

Volunteer Requests:

  • Meet officials – one starter and one referee for the meet, and 2-4 stroke & turn officials per shift. Please bring your starter, fully charged, and your tripod - we will use it for 8 and under starts.

  • One head timer per shift

  • Timers/Recorders – we will be running two shifts, 7:00 – 9:00 & 9:00 – finish. The following will be needed:

    • Two timers for lanes 1, 3, & 5

    • One timer and one recorder for lanes 2, 4, & 6

  • Clerk of course – we will have two shifts and will need 3 people per shift; some of them will be marshalling 8 and unders to the start area at the far end of the pool.

  • Scorers – we will have two shifts and need two scorers/verifiers per shift.

  • Runners – one runner per shift will be needed.

  • Computer – please have your computer person bring their computer and printer as a backup. Computers, scoring, verifying and ribbons will be located inside the clubhouse.

  • Relays - Visiting team will have lanes 2,4,6 for all relays.

  • Equipment: Please bring stopwatches for your timers, along with your fully charged starter for use for 8 and unders, computer, and printer as backups.

Meet officials should plan on meeting at 6:30 and Timer/Recorders at 6:45.

The anticipated timeline for the meet will be as follows:

  • 5:30 AM – Site opens for parking and families to set up tents.

  • 6:10 AM – Warm ups for Montclair Seahawks

  • 6:30 AM – Warm ups for Visiting Team

  • 6:55 AM – National Anthem

  • 7:00 AM – Meet begins

We will need to have the pool open by 1pm and ask that everyone does their best to respect our hosts and remove trash.

If you have any questions then please feel free to contact me at [email protected].

Amy Noone
President, Montclair Seahawks Swim Team