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Water Polo is one of the fastest-growing sports in Texas, and Texas has become one of the primary focus areas for development by USA Water Polo.  It is a sport that develops strength, coordination and strategy.

Pegasus Water Polo Academy provides the opportunity for young athletes to learn and develop strength and skills in Water Polo by providing the very best professional high-level coaching, and to continue the growth of the sport in North Texas.  

Pegasus Water Polo Academy will ensure that the athletes' competitive development is the focus of every training session and game. Athletes will be taught from the ground up proper fundamentals and techniques in body position and ball handling at a young age. As they get older tactical aspects of the game will be introduced.

Pegasus will develop athletes from a very young age, starting as young as seven years old. This professionally coached and run Academy prepares athletes to successfully compete locally and regionally. Some athletes will enter USA Water Polo's Olympic Development Pipeline and go on to play at a collegiate level. Pegasus also offers our coaching expertise beyond our own club by assisting in training local and regional coaches on fundamentals and tactics who can then implement newly acquired drills into their respective clubs and schools.

Children at many schools do not have access to Water Polo, including most schools in Dallas ISD, Richardson ISD, Highland Park, and private schools including Jesuit, Ursuline, ESD and many others.  At the same time, kids at Hillcrest, Brian Adams, Woodrow Wilson and Lake Highlands have had the opportunity to play in the Spring High School season but have limited access to a year-round club program.   Pegasus Water Polo Academy fills this gap with year-round training and playing opportunities, while helping build and support High School programs at the various schools in the area.  The Academy welcomes players of all ages and from all schools and districts. Our players train and compete throughout the year with Pegasus, while High School players can compete for their respective schools during the Spring season in Texas.

Pegasus is organized and run by members of the North Texas Water Polo community who are dedicated to the sport of Water Polo, and who have experience with and strong ties to other prominent water polo clubs in the area. These relationships allow for sharing of coaching expertise and, when appropriate, combining athletes to travel and play together at regional and national tournaments. PWPA hopes to achieve two main objectives:  first, to continue the tremendous growth of Water Polo in North Texas, and second, to bring more high quality professional coaching to the area.

Pegasus coaches are also available to train the elite players from all clubs throughout the Dallas Metroplex and give them a unique opportunity to improve their skills by training with fully committed athletes under professional guidance.

Pegasus Water Polo Academy is a Non-Profit 501 (c) (3) organization exclusively for charitable and educational purposes as a qualified amateur sports organization.

Join Pegasus Water Polo Academy today!

Pegasus offers practice sessions Monday through Sunday at different locations.  Players can attend as many of these practices as they want in their respective color group. The recommended minimal practices for Bronze are 2 weekly, 3 for Silver and 4 for Gold. In addition, all players are strongly encouraged to attend tournaments even in the very beginning to gain a sense of the game in a competitive environment.

At Pegasus Water Polo Academy, the first month of practices for new members is only $1!  Just click on Register to get started.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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