Pegasus Water Polo Academy

Financial Aid Program


The Pegasus Water Polo Academy exists to provide an exemplary water polo experience to all children in North Texas regardless of a family’s economic status.  To that end, the Pegasus Board of Directors has created a financial assistance program to those families unable to meet the monthly requirements.  Please note, financial aid will not be provided to cover any tournament expenses.


Financial aid will be provided on a semi-annual basis.  At the completion of each six months, the recipient will be required to re-apply.  An application is attached, and Pegasus reserves the right to request additional information, including financial information.


Each family’s situation will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.  A three person financial aid committee will determine the extent of financial assistance to be provided.


Any family demonstrating economic challenges.  The on-line application form will provide Pegasus with a quick determination.  Additional information may be required.

Approval Process:      

Click here for short application.  Please submit all applications to [email protected]  Once submitted online, the financial aid committee will make a quick determination.                                                         


Upon determination, an email will be sent to the applying family, stating the terms and duration of the aid.  The coaching staff and CFO will be copied.


Recipients will be expected to consistently attend practices. Recipients, and family members will comply with the Pegasus code of  conduct. Recipients and their families will be expected to volunteer at Pegasus sponsored events.