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Tournaments 101


Pegasus’s goal is for every athlete to train and also compete on a regular basis.
We hope this will help guide you through registering for your first tournament, what gear is needed to start and shed light on all the different playing opportunities that are offered locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.

In general in order to participate in any games (except Intramural Games), a USA Water Polo Membership is required.
There are different levels of memberships and the Tournament Organizer defines which Membership is required (Bronze, Silver or Gold).
If you initially sign up for Bronze you only have to pay the difference for Silver and Gold if you need to “upgrade”.

Important! Age verification and photo are always required.

Intramural Game

  • Only Pegasus Members
  • Usually on Saturday mornings
  • Online sign up required on the Tournament events page
  • Rosters set by coaching staff
  • No fees. It’s FREE!
  • Focus of learning and advancing the game of water polo in a low intensity environment
  • Encourages parents to learn how to use the shot clocks and learn the rules of the game, too. Usually each team only plays for 60-75 minutes

Game Day


  • Local North Texas teams only
  • Typically one day.  Two game format. May or may not have a break in between games. About 45 minutes per 4 quarter game, depending on age.
  • While coaches have sole discretion on who plays, the goal at these games is for everyone to get playing time/exposure to the game.
  • Arrive 45 minutes ahead of the first game ready to warm up.
  • Referees are likely the same we will see in regional tournaments.
  • Often requires USAWP Bronze membership including age verification and a photo.
  • Online sign up required on the Tournament events page


Tournament Games

  • May include travel within Texas or out of state.
  • Players must have a minimum of a USAWP Bronze membership including age verification and a photo.  Gold is required for Junior Olympics (JOs) and Olympic Development Program (ODP) (more info on both below).  Don’t leave out uploading a headshot and age verification. 
  • Photos from the USAWP card are part of the player verification at tournaments. 
  • Typically a multi-day tournament with two pool games on the first day followed by bracket play on the final day or days. 
  • No playing time is guaranteed.  The coach has sole discretion on playing time.
  • Typically has a break between games.
  • Arrive 45 minutes ahead of the first game ready to warm up.
  • Large CA tournaments often take place at several locations.  Playing in two locations per day in CA is to be expected.
  • Online sign up required on the Tournament events page.


How to Sign-Up for USA Water Polo Membership (required to play)

  • Must be completed by the day you commit to play in the tournament/game day
  • Go to and click JOIN in the upper right corner. 
  • Bronze membership level is fine, unless you are going to JO’s, then you need to be Gold level. 
  • IMPORTANT! Please take the extra step to complete the birth date verification and upload a headshot photo of your child for ID verification
  • New athletes trying out the sport on a trial membership can also complete the USAWP Trial membership for a no cost two-week membership. 

How to Sign Up for a Game Day or Tournament on the Pegasus website

  • Go to and login to your account. 
  • Go to Calendars, Tournaments and Events Calendar
  • Find the event you want to register, look to the right, and click Edit Commitment
  • Click your child’s name and select your declaration choice in the drop down box.
  • Silver, Gold and Platinum (unless stated otherwise on the event description) will be automatically registered for each tournament. Please register NO if you cannot attend.
  • Intro and Bronze level groups will need to declare YES if you want to participate.
  • Athlete tournament fees are charged a few days AFTER each event. We do this to avoid processing refunds and credits. One day events are $45.00, Two-day events are $90.00 and out of town tournament fees vary from event to event due to variable travel costs.
  • We will email out the tournament schedule and roster assignments as soon as we can. This usually gets sent out a few days before the tournament. 
  • Why don’t we know schedules ahead of time? Because the schedule is determined by the number of team entries and that always varies. If we have any advance information on scheduling it will be posted in the event description on the Pegasus Events page.
  • If you sign up for a tournament and your child becomes sick or injured after we publish the schedule and roster, please notify Coach Spencer at [email protected] and copy Laurie Dunlap at [email protected]
  • Two-day tournaments are not prorated if you only attend one day.

What to bring/wear

  • Team suit, towel, goggles for warm-up. If you are new and don’t have a team suit yet, buy a navy blue suit. Boys usually wear the brief suit. 
  • Two swim caps if you have long hair. You need a white cap and navy or black cap to go under water polo caps that are white and navy. At the games, the white caps are referred to as “light” and the navy caps are referred to as “dark”.
  • 1st day of tournament Navy Pegasus jersey, 2nd White Pegasus jersey, third day back to Navy and so on. Pegasus Gear Store (blue button link on homepage). For girls suit sizing we recommend calling the Kap 7 store in Irvine, CA at 1-949-727-3535 to get more information.
  • Snacks, money for snacks, not all venues will sell food or drinks.
  • Water
  • Sweatshirt
  • Nail clippers should be in your players bag at all times.
  • Eye drops (some pools are 'shocked' in advance of a tournament and eyes will become irritated from chlorine).
  • If playing outside Texas as in CA, sunscreen, zinc, a good hat, possibly long sleeve shirt, sunglasses. 


  • If you do not have USAWP credentials, you are prohibited from entering the deck unless signed up to volunteer.
  • Support our team from the stands.
  • Remember you represent the club, no negative behavior will be tolerated.
  • Volunteering for home tournaments is crucial. It provides a way for parents to get closer to the action while supporting our Academy. You also get a closer look at understanding the game.


Tournament 102


State Championships (also referred to as TAGS - Texas Age Group State Water Polo)

  • 8th, 6th and 4th grade and younger divisions.
  • The main tournament of our season.  
  • Held in April or May each year.

Travel Tournaments

  • Travel Tournaments are a fun and often highly competitive addition to our tournament schedule.
  • Coaches decide which travel tournament is appropriate for which age group.
  • We have combined teams with Trident Water Polo Club in order to make some of these travel tournaments happen.
  • Parent volunteers  do some heavy lifting to make it happen including promoting the event amongst other parents.
  • USAWP list tournaments under events.
  • Kap7 lists events here:
  • In the recent past Pegasus has sent teams to Rock-Tober in AZ(12U)).  Cousineau Cup (also October) in CA (14U), Dare to Dream(12U) in Houston and Kap7 International held in February (14U) in CA.  Planning for these events begins the summer before. A lead parent should begin gauging player interest after JO’s working closely with coaching staff. 


Junior Olympics (JO's)

  • If you were to only target one out of state tournament per year, this is the one which will include the most games in your schedule and will give athletes exposure to the best teams in the US.  
  • It is a fun family friendly event, typically two games per day for four days
  • The USA Water Polo Junior Olympic Championships is the largest age group water polo tournament in the World. Athletes and teams come from across the country to compete on the national stage.
  • Each team has to qualify in order to attend. The Southwest Zone will host a qualifier about a month in advance.  June 6-7, 2020 for 14U, 12U, 10U in Keller, TX and June 12-14th for 16U, and 18U in Houston, TX. JO venues alternate every other year between Northern and Southern CA.  2020 is Northern CA.
  • Held over four days with an expo the day before play.  Pool into bracket play. Three divisions: Invitational, Classic and Championship.
  • Expect to play at several locations, sometimes multiple locations per day.
  • We will be playing to win, no playing time is guaranteed. 
  • The team will block hotel rooms and encourage all age groups to stay at the same hotel.


Olympic Development Program (ODP)

  • Selection Camp geared towards identifying the top players within the Southwest Zone by age group and gender.  Must have a USAWP Silver or Gold membership.
  • Players in Southwest Zone must sign up and attend at least one of three single day camps held in their zone; Austin, Dallas, or Houston.  You will do that individually through USAWP
  • This is very competitive and you must be selected to become a member of ODP that year. 
  • If selected, you will then play in a Regional Championship Selection Tournament held in January.
  • From there, players or teams may be selected to the ODP National Championships held February or March depending on gender.

National Team Selection Camps

  • Those outstanding few who are selected during ODP National Championships in CA will receive an invitation to tryout for the National Team.
  • Boys April 24-26, 2020 Orange County, CA

  • Girls, May 22-24, 2020 Orange County, CA

ODP Holiday Camp

Spring Break Camp

  • Pegasus holds a local spring break camp.  Check the calendar under the Events tab for more information.  
  • If you are looking to travel for Spring Break, Tony Azevedo has a camp (sold out again this year) many Pegasus players have attended and enjoyed.


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