How to Join Pegasus!

Our primary goal is to introduce water polo to kids and expose them to a positive team environment.


Step 1: Pick a day to attend a tryout

Open Tryouts are held Thursdays at 6:30pm at SMU or Saturdays at 3:00pm at Oak Point for ages 7-18 years of age.

Email Laurie Dunlap, the administrative director, to let her know which location, date, and time you will attend.
Please give at least 24 hour notice to give time to respond. 
What to wear: Your child should arrive in their swim suit. Bring a towel and goggles.
The coach will evaluate your child's swimming skills and let you know which training group would be best suited to start out.
See step 2 to register.

Step 2: Register online for the trial month membership before you show up to the pool for a tryout.

We have to capture your information for liability insurance reasons. Go to the home page and click 2019-2020 blue registration button. The month trial fee is $1.00. The parent is the account holder and the child is the member for registration purposes. Select the trial membership when asked to select a group.



Step 3: Let us know if you plan to join at the end of the trial month.

Towards the end of your trial month you will receive an email asking you if you plan to continue with the membership or drop out.
Please respond to the email with your decision so we can proceed accordingly. 


Step 4: Join USA Water Polo

Please go to USA Water Polo, click Join Now in the upper right corner. Register your child as a member of Pegasus Water Polo Academy. Bronze level is the basic level required to be part of the team and participate in game days and tournaments. We recommend you choose the level that your child practices in (bronze, silver, or gold). Please take the extra steps to complete the birth date verification and upload your child's photo. The referees at tournaments do check USAWP identification.