Dear Pegasus Families,

We appreciate your interest and welcome you to the Pegasus Water Polo Academy, our year-round program serving young athletes from age 7-18.  We are dedicated to our mission of introducing water polo to athletes of all levels in an atmosphere that promotes self-esteem, physical fitness, teamwork, and respect for others.


Below please find some useful information to get you started:


  1. Pegasus Registration:
    1. If you haven't registered before, you will need to fill in some important information and agree to our fine print - it will only take a couple of minutes.  It covers contact info, medical waivers, and liability waivers.
    2. Our main form of communication with you is by email for any practice changes or any general information and requires you to be registered in order to be on the e-mail list.
  2. Pegasus Membership Fees:
    1. The monthly fees are deducted automatically from your account on the first of each month after your trial period.
      1. Pegasus Regular Membership: Monthly fee $200 or Annual fee $2100.00
      2. Pegasus Multi-Aquatic Membership: Monthly fee $150 or Annual fee $1500.00 (for athletes who are currently involved in a competitive swim club)
      3. Pegasus Trial $1: Promotional fee $1 for the first month (please see below under Marketing).
      4. Intro-Swim2Score Membership: Monthly fee $50 
      5. Temporary Suspension policy: effective May 1, 2019,  there will be a $200 reinstatement fee if a player temporarily cancels or suspends his or her membership. This rule does not apply to the Intro-Swim2Score membership level. 

    2. Our primary goal is to introduce water polo to kids and expose them to a positive team environment. As such, Pegasus never wants cost to prevent players from participating.  Please feel free to follow our Financial Aid policy found under “General Information/Financial Aid”
  3. USA Water Polo registration:
    1. Water Polo is sanctioned by USA Water Polo and we ask that all our players be registered members of the organization that holds the Olympic Charter in our sport.
    2. USA Water Polo registration is required to participate in tournaments
    3. Please register at
    4. Choose Pegasus Water Polo Academy as your Club Association
    5. USA Water Polo offers four membership levels (Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum). We recommend you chose the membership level that your athlete’s training group color corresponds to (for most new athletes that would be Bronze or Silver. You can always upgrade your membership later)
  4. Tournaments and Game Days
    1. Pegasus offers the opportunity to participate in tournaments at all levels. Our youngest players enter local and regional tournaments while our more experienced and older players enter national and international tournaments. Each athlete will be able to experience a competitive environment at an appropriate level throughout the year.
    2. Tournaments are posted in the Events section of our website.
    3. Tournaments usually last two days over a weekend
    4. Game Days are usually one-day events simply designed to experience water polo competition in a low key and fun environment
  5. Marketing
    1. We would like to encourage you to spread the word about our program to your family and friends. There is no better marketing than word of mouth.
    2. We will continue to offer the first month at the promotional rate of $1.00.
  6. Groups
    1. Athletes practice in groups primarily by skill level and secondarily by age and are placed accordingly by the coaching staff. ATHLETES ARE WELCOME AND ENCOURAGED TO PARTICIPATE IN ANY PRACTICE THAT IS OFFERED AT ANY LOCATION MATCHING THEIR COLOR GROUP.
    2. Bronze: This beginner-level group is a fun clinic designed to introduce the sport of water polo to children 7-10 years old. The intent is to provide basic skills and understanding of the sport in a social and recreational format.
      We encourage athletes to attend a minimum of 2 weekly practices and take advantage of intra-mural game days and local tournaments.
    3. Silver: This intermediate-level group is designed for athletes ages 9-13 with competent swimming abilities who are interested in growing their water polo knowledge and skills.  We suggest athletes in this group attend a minimum of 3 weekly practices and compete in regional competitions.
    4. Gold: This advanced-level group is designed for athletes ages 13-18 with strong swimming abilities who are interested in furthering their moderate water polo knowledge and skills. All High School athletes automatically join the Gold Group.
      We suggest athletes in this group attend a minimum of 4 weekly practices and compete in regional, state and national competitions.
    5. Platinum: This advanced-level group is designed for athletes ages 15-18 with strong swimming abilities who are interested in furthering their moderate water polo knowledge and skills. All high school athletes automatically join the platinum group. We suggest athletes in this group attend a minimum of 4 weekly practices and compete in regional, state and national competitions.
    6. Girls Only: Girls from the Silver and Gold level are invited to these practices exclusively for girls. They are encouraged to join their group level for the other practices during the week.
    7. Goalie: Athletes that have been identified or want to try out to become a goalie are encouraged to attend this practice session in addition to their color group practices.
    8. Intro-Swim2Score: Exclusively to elementary-age boys and girls ages 7-10 introduce them to the sport of water polo. Sixth grade and up need to be at the bronze level.  The focus will be on swimming skills, fundamentals of water polo movements and ball-handling skills. Kids will have fun and become stronger in the water. The term is limited to a 12-months and 3 one-hour practices a week.

If you have any questions about registration or practices, email Laurie Dunlap, our administrative director.  



We are very excited how far we have come since our first practice in November 2016. We will continue to build this program and give children the opportunity to experience a great sport that might stick with them for the rest of their lives. As our program continues to grow we have been adding excellent coaches, practice times, practice locations and playing opportunities.

Thank You,

Nikola Zivaljevic MD, MBA, MHMS


Pegasus Water Polo Academy