Ridgewood Barracudas

Lake Ridge, VA

Volunteer System Frequently Asked Questions:                         

Welcome to the Volunteer System FAQ section! Listed below are the most popular questions asked when it comes to signing up for volunteer postings.  If you still have questions, please contact volunteer coordinator, Shala Ott at [email protected]

Q: Is there a volunteer requirement?
A: Yes!  As stated in our team handbook, "All families must volunteer time and effort to make RWB successful."  While especially integral to our swim meets, volunteer positions can be acquired in a variety of ways.
Q: How many volunteer slots does a family need to complete?
Each family is responsible for completing 9 volunteer commitments.  These commitments can be satisfied by signing up for jobs during our swim meets or team events, becoming an official (referee), or accepting a position on our board of directors.  No matter how you choose to divide it up, each family is responsible for completing these commitments by the end of the season.

Q: If I only have a swimmer in the developmental program (Take Your Mark or Lil 'Cudas), do I have to complete the 9 shift volunteer requirement?

A: No, families with swimmers only in the developmental programs do not have to fulfill the volunteer requirement, nor attend the meets, although we'd love to have you give us a hand or cheer on the team. If your swimmer moves up to the competitive team during the season, you will need to complete a prorated number of shifts calculated at: # remaining swim meets + 1.  For example, if there are 3 meets left when your Lil 'Cuda gets on the team, you owe us 4 shifts.
Q: How do I sign up for a volunteer shift?
A: This all depends on how you choose to satisfy your volunteer commitments.  If you are interested in signing up for volunteer positions during or swim meets or team events, see the Quick Guide below. I If you would like more information on becoming a member of the board of directors, please send a message to our President, Suzi Welch, at [email protected]
Quick Guide:
On our home page, in the "Upcoming & Ongoing Events" window, locate the event you'd like to sign-up for and click "Job Signup."

Check the box of the open position you'd like to signup for, then click
Q: What if I can’t make 9 shifts?
A: If for some reason you are unable to fulfill your volunteer commitments, please contact our volunteer coordinator, Jude Morris, at .
Q: How many shifts can I sign up for in a meet?
A: Each person can sign up for an unlimited amount of shifts per meet.  However, please make note of the duration each shift requires.  Be sure that you don’t have overlapping commitments, or multiple positions during the same period. 
Q: When can I sign up for a shift?
A: Volunteer sign-ups for both swim meets and team events will open two weeks (14 days)  prior to that event.  For example, if a swim meet is scheduled for Saturday the 15th of xxx, then the event will open sign-ups on Saturday the 1st of xxx.  When an event is open, you will receive an e-mail  message that looks like this:
Q: Can I make changes after I’ve signed up?
A: Yes!  However, any changes made to a commitment two days before the event must be communicated directly to our volunteer coordinator, Jude Morris )NOTE:  If a change is made without notification, you will be considered a no-show for your shift.
Q: What happens if there is an emergency and I can’t meet my obligation?
A: We understand that emergencies happen!  Please be sure to communicate your situation, as soon as possible, to our volunteer coordinator.  We ask that you allow as much time as you can so that we can find coverage for your absence.
Q: What are the jobs that I can sign up for?
A: As stated earlier, there are several ways to satisfy your volunteer commitments. Swim meets in particular have the largest need for volunteer involvement.  Positions like timers, recorders, scorers, runners, marshals, and officials are just some of the many jobs utilized during a meet.  See the Volunteer Position Descriptions for more information on these options.
Regarding team events, family members are needed to help set up & take down, serve refreshments, and supervise participants.  Finally, our team’s governing body is run by parent volunteers.  We have both individuals and teams providing direction for our team apparel, finance management, equipment operations, website facilitation, and fundraising development.  Any one of these options is a valuable way to provide the help needed throughout a swim season! Please see the Board Position Descriptions for more information on these positions.
Q: What does each job entail?
A: Please click on the category you wish to learn more about.  Each link will detail the various positions available and their associated tasks.