Braemar Blasters’ Cheers


One - we are the Blasters

Two - we can’t be beat

Three - a little bit louder

Four - more more more

(repeat, getting louder each time)


When I say Blue, you say White

Blue! (White!)

Blue! (White!)

When I say Swim, you say Tonight

Swim! (Tonight!)

Swim! (Tonight!)

When I say Boogie, you say Down

Boogie! (Down!)

Boogie! (Down!)

Blue, white, swim tonight, boogie on down alright alright


Blasters ROCK

Blasters ROLL

Blasters rock, Blasters roll



We are the Blasters,

The mighty mighty Blasters.

Everywhere we go-o,

People want to know-o,

Who we are,

So we tell 'em!

We are Braemar,

We couldn't be prouder,

If you can't hear us,

We'll yell a little louder!


Take me out to the swim meet

Take me out to the pool.

Buy me some goggles and

swimming caps.

I think that I can always swim fast,

and it’s root, root, root for the


If they don’t win it’s a shame.

Because it’s one, two, three

strokes to win in the Blaster’s



Hey you over there now you’re gonna hear,

The Braemar Blasters doing their cheer.

We’re number one and we know it’s true,

But if you don’t believe us then we’ll show you.

We dive in the water and swim real fast.

‘Cuz we love to swim, so let’s have a blast.

We’re glad you’re here, so let’s have some fun.

Braemar Blasters are number 1.


Loud as thunder,

Here comes the 8 and


Quick as lightening,

We're pretty frightening!



Tick tock, beat the clock

Flick flash, kiss my splash

Braemar Power wins the hour!

Goooooooooooooo Blasters!


We are the best, Oh Yeah

From east to west, Oh Yeah

We are the most, Oh Yeah

From coast to coast, Oh Yeah

We are #1, Oh Yeah

In Washington, Oh Yeah

When we swim free, Oh Yeah

We make his-tor-eeee, Oh Yeah

When we swim back, Oh Yeah

We lead the pack, Oh Yeah

When we swim breast, Oh Yeah

We beat the rest, Oh Yeah

When we swim fly, Oh Yeah

We’ll pass you by, Oh Yeah

And off the blocks, Oh yeah

We really rock, Oh Yeah

And off the walls, Oh Yeah

We beat you all!